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No More Frequency!


Alright...here we go.

I started building this year (after a few years ago, but i didnt know ANYTHING about programs/nutrition...So i consider this year my first year of knowledgable lifting). I started off with a 5 day split, 4-6 rep range, and made CRAZY gaines.. like seriously insane gains, upwards of adding 20 pounds to my squat rep weight in a month. I kept making gains for months. Then I started reading Waterbury and about how everyone is doing it and making great gains...and for some reason I stopped my result-producing program.

I have now made minimal gains in strength and size and and going back to my old ways. I will be doing this for 2 more months, finishing up my builking cycle (12 months, coming up on 50 pounds with a semi cut thrown in...probably about 10 months total). Wish me luck!

Any one else had a similar experience, or can attest to the power of a typical bodybuilder 4-5 day split?


Sorry bud,
I've found the total opposite. Waterbury's increased frequecy tempered with a calculated volume and intensity (there's the secret) have made for renewed gains and outlook.
His examples are concrete. Blasting lats once/ week rather than multi angle is small mesocycles over the week just doesn't make sense IMHO . .and my clients have ALL been reaping similar rewards.
It's much like HST except each week the reps range from 3 to 6 to 12

Heed the warnings of total reps/ sets/ muscle and workout in his most recent works AND the need for ALL recuperative measures and I'll bet you fare well.

But then again if what you're doing now works, who am I to question you . .keep going until it doesn't :wink:


i have never strayed from bb split routine of five days, way back i even added an extra day for any week points that could could use some extra work, but at this point i make sure to get everything done in those five days....

as far as other programs, in my opiniopn as long as you are still making progess why change?...westside, edt, bodybuilder...if its getting you the gains you want..stick with it til there's a need for change...

in a similar experience, my squat was at 500(not counting bar) for 4 reps at the beginning of august, my goal was to hit 540 by the end of the year...last week i hit 605 for 3 reps..all this on a bodybuilders split...results are results...


You haven't provided us with enough info so that anyone can figure out what you did wrong. Your diet, rest, exact routine, strength levels, any deviations..etc


The only thing he did wrong was change from something that was working.

Lonnie123 - this is all part of strength training. Work out what works best for you and run with it. Best of luck.




Thanks guys. I was thinking the same thing !

I'm kind of kicking myself because of all the gains I could have been making, but who knows, huh? It's like that old quote "Yeah, that program worked so well I stopped doing it!"

I was clearly doing something right to begin with because I was making gains, I have only gotten SMARTER about nutrition, so that definitely wasn't the downfall... I'll keep everyone posted in a few months when I know whats going on.