No More Football, Time to Drop Fat

im 5’11 weigh about 275. yah im quite heavy. but im quick and agile and can move well for my size. but now that im in college not playing football anymore i dont see why i need to lug this extra weight around. i was just wondering what could i do to keep my muscle mass and my strength but just to get the fat off to see some of the muscles i have. any ideas?

It starts with your diet. You need to eat well (clean, whole natural foods containing protein, good fats and good fiber/carbs) and create a calorie deficit.

Then it depends on how you train. Lift heavy and with lower reps (to keep size/strength) and use high-intensity cardio training such as sprints, bodyweight circuits, sled drags, strongman conditioning, etc.

I dropped a lot of weight after football by lifting hard and eating better. Start out with a protein shake right before every meal. If you’re still hungry eat lean meat and vegetables. have 2 other protien shakes between meals for snacks. Now that you’re done with ball, you’ll have a lot of time on your hands. You can spend it in the weight room or on the couch. Your call.

oi can you say lineman (not literally). I’m 6’2, 215 and I’m the broadest guy on my team (not tallest, our kicker is like 6’8).

Anyways, eat regularly every couple of hours and make sure to eat enough to create a caloric deficit, but not low enough to starve yourself. You need to lower carbs a bit and raise your protein intake in order to maintain muscle mass.

Make sure that the majority of your protein intake is solid food (not shakes). Lift heavy and do HIIT (high intensity interval training like sprints or on a bike) to boost your metabolism. Most importantly eat clean, you are what you eat, lifting is just a catalyst used to make changing your body comp. quicker (never thought about it in that way until now but it makes sense).

yo all the former football players. like do u still lift to get stronger and faster? haha i think thats a stupid question. or do u guys lift just to get big to still have that mentality that you’re strong? like the reason why i lift is to excel in sports in pickup games. just curious why people still lift even though they dont have any obligations to.

I still lift because if I quit I feel terrible.
I lift because I want to be able to move around when I’m 50, 60, 80…
I lift because I’ve been doing it for the past 15 years and thats what I know.

How I lift has changed though. I don’t clean anymore, I do more bodybuilding type workouts. I’m not trying to be an athlete anymore. I wouldn’t say that I am doing it to look good, but I do lift like it.

All great suggestions above. I would add two things:

  1. Eat clean and smart, ditch sugar and flour as much as possible, and don’t eat large amounts of carbs and fats together (Eat carb/protein or protein/fat meals.

  2. Take fish oil, as much as you can afford, but at least 10-15 grams/day.