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No more fat loss!

I weigh 235 lbs. and have around 12-14%BF. I used the T-dawg diet(cheated for half a day and not to the extreme), did cardio in the morning, lifted 5 days a week, and used a quality thermogenic. I did this for about 3 months. Right off the bat I lose like 10lbs. Of course it’s mostly water, but after I’m on it for a month or so I copletely stop losing weight. Does any one have any tips, hints, info., etc. to help me out. Thanks a lot!!!


You make no reference to diet, and if you’ve read this site before, you should know DIET IS EVERYTHING. AS you lost weight, did you adjust calories? Plus, 12-14% is reallly damn low, it is going to be extra tough to get lower.

What do you mean you cheated for a half-day? Once a week? Every day?

Are you keeping a food log? Do you actually know how many calories you are consuming? What kind of shape are you in now? Height, weight, bf%.

I’d definately cut back on training,… try 3 days a week. Check out Joel Marion’s “Ripped, Rugged & Dense” article. If your bodyfat is still high, maybe try Don Alessi’s Meltdown, or Coach Davies Fat to Fire program.

The most important thing though, is calories in/calories out. Keep a food log.

You might have to drop your calories even lower.During dieting phases your thyroid will slow down your metabolism. Also, as you lose weight your body will have a lower maintenance point, hence you will need fewer calories to lose weight.

Check out T-mag this friday for an article to give you some insight.

If you don’t want to drop your calories even more, you can also add in sprints, skipping, or more cardio.

You need to recalculate your metabolism since you have dropped weight. Use Berardi’s article on it. Your new Body comp values also need new caloric values. You need to drop cals appropriately since you have a new weight and bodyfat level