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No More Farts!



My wife can't wait....



I've actually found broccoli to be the culprit for me. Mexican food doesn't really do anything. I went without broccoli for a few days and had almost zero gas...Incorporated it back in and had CRAZY gas. Now I only eat it late at night.


Personally I like to fart. I just choose the time and place wisely, so as not to be shunned by society for my echoing horn of an ass after a bean salad or my 2 cups of brocolli.

: )


...I like to fart... That just made me laugh! I am fasinated by gas myself! I, on the other hand, am not so selective of where I let mine go. Usually around friends and family which they are all very used to by now. I once had such bad gas during a photo shoot, we had to stop 3 times and air out the place. I would never rip ass in the gym or anywhere in public though. Although I would like to, I just can't.