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No More Excuses


Age: 24
Height: 5’9
Weight: 148lbs
BF%: 9


Recently lost around 10lbs through illness and tweaking an old motorcycle injury - my right shoulder. Just set up a power rack as a home gym, cant wait to start lifting some real weight.

GOALS: Increase muscle mass

WORKOUT PLAN: all aiming for 3x6 and hopefully only up the weight when the reps go up to ten. Then run them back down to 3x6 again.

Mon: Chest + Tris + Shoulders + abs

Flat Bench
Push Ups
Dumbell Shoulder Press
Skull Crushers
Bent Over Dumbell Raise
Hanging Leg Raises

Tues: Off

Weds: Back + Bis + abs

Pull Ups
Bent Over Row
Reverse Barbell Curl
Preacher Curls
Weighted Crunches

Thurs: Off

Friday: Legs + abs

Back Squats
Good Mornings
Reverse Crunches

Sat: Dumbell workouts/bodyweight/olympic lifting

Sun: Off

Saturday is a gym where I do whatever the hell I fancy that day, cause sometimes I just feel like doing something different. It’s an optional rest day. It’s not there for any other reason than for me to enjoy, try new exersizes etc.

Hopefully I can make some progress with this. No nutritional log will be kept here, this is just about making me train balls to the wall and track my progress cause sometimes I dont train as hard as I should.


Bench: 78KG
Deadlift: 120KG
Squat: Need a longer bar for my rack, currently 5 reps at 100KG.

Cant wait to see what I can do in a couple months time.

Good luck mate, your pretty similar to me. I just got a power rack as well a month
ago, its the best investment for your body ever, you always feel safe & you dont
need anyones help for anything. Argos are doing a cheap olympic set, 135kgs including
barbell for £199 in case you need an extra barbell and more weights.

The rack is awesome, I’ve definately been selling myself short on my workouts without it. I have 140kg of weights at the moment, I’m gonna have to get a longer bar then save up for an olympic set soon when money is a little better. For now, I have enough.

If we’re similar and you have a log, find the link for me I’d love to see how I’m progressing against someone similar.

Flat Bench: 60KG 3X6
Flys: 10KG 3X6
Push Ups 3X6
DB Shoulder Press: 12KG 3X6
Skullcrushers: 20KG 3X6
Rear Raise: 8KG 3X6
Hanging Leg Raise: 3X8

Skulls were really hard, shoulder is weak and wont keep my arm in proper alignment, that pretty much ruined my session. Benching was slow but had a bit more in the tank - the bar speed wasnt as fast as I expected. Flys really got my chest, pushups pumped everything and I had more in me for the shoulder presses but I didnt know how I’d handle the new routine.

Hopefully I’ll be able to improve a lot next week knowing how all these exersizes affected the following ones.

Deadlift: 80KG 3x6
Pull Ups: 3X6
Bent Over Row: 50KG 3X6
Reverse Barbell Curl: 30KG 2X6 / 1X5 [almost dropped bar with huge forearm pump]
Preacher Curls: 14KG 3X6
Weighted Crunches: 3X10

Knackered today, up at 5AM, worked 8 hours, reorganised some stuff out in the house, cleaned the bike, played a couple hours of basketball and came home for this workout.

Deads were fairly easy except the second set, bent over row was hard again on the second set, had a huge arm pump from gripping the bar hard on the dead and bent row, I’ll drop the weight for reverse curls next time - I struggled. Squeezed the hell out of my biceps on the preacher curls and the pump was ridiculous.

Two days time, leg day…

Missed leg day cause of family visiting, been ill for a few days.

Yesterday’s ill leg day went like this

Squat: 3X4 @80KG

Gave up, I felt terrible. Tommorow should be Chest Tri’s and Shoulders

Chest, Triceps, Shoulders:

Bench: 3x6 @60KG

Felt totally wiped out again after this, gave up again and gave myself a couple of days rest.

Back and Bi’s:

Deadlifts: 3X6 @ 90KG
Pull Ups: 3X7
Bent Rows: 3X8 @ 50KG
Reverse Curls: 2X6 / 1X12 @ 22KG
Hammer Curls: 2X6 / 1X2 @ 14KG

Still got a real bad cough and a lot of shit on my chest, but this workout felt really good and is an improvement from my last back workout. Changing my chest day and leg day around cause I feel I need the extra bit of rest between those days. Cant wait to hammer my next workout tomorrow.

Current weight: 152lbs

Bench: 60KG @ 2X6 / 1X8
Flys: 10KG @ 3X10
Push Ups: 3X10
Dumbell Shoulder Press: 12KG @ 3x10
Skullcrushers: 20KG @ 3x6
Bent over raise: 3 X 10
Leg Raises: 7/4/2

Tried not to cheat as much at the leg raises they kicked my ass. Improvement on my last workout, no longer what I’d call ill any more, still got a bit of a chesty cough but its nothing worth mentioning. When reps go over ten I’ll increase the weight slightly so it drops closer to 6 again.


Back Squats: 3X8 @ 90KG
Lunges: 3X10 x2 5KG plates
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 3X12 30KG
Reverse Crunches: 3 X 10

Leg workout was good, felt a lot in the posterior chain but not too much in the quads so I’m gonna have to maybe cycle front squats and back squats. Stiff leg deads are what I meant when I put good mornings, just so I can stretch out the hamstrings a little and focus on the actual movement and try and help with my deadlifting a little which I feel it has. When I have the form better I’ll increase the weight.

Deadlifts: 1X6 @ 90KG 1X1 100/110/120 [Equal PR]
Pull Ups: 2X7 / 1x10
Bent Rows: 2X8 @ 50KG
Reverse Curls: 3X6 @ 30KG
Hammer Curls: 3X6 @ 14KG

Didnt feel the reps on the deadlift today and I was working out with a mate so we were seeing how much we could lift. I tried for 126KG 5 times and could only get it an inch or two off the floor and I’ve tweaked something in my back a little but it’s not actually painful. Thats why I only did two sets of rows. The curls were easier, as were the pull-ups. The form on my deadlift felt a lot better too so I’m happy with that.

Back Squats: 3X6 @ 100KG
Lunges: 3X8 5KG plates
Front squats: 2X6 / 1X3 @ 40KG
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 3X8 40KG
Reverse Crunches: 3 X 10

Squats were good, nice and light headed at the end. Got really angry with this workout, added front squats and on the last set there was discomfort in the knee so I stopped. Got through this workout a lot quicker, lungs burnt and sweat is still pouring.

Current weight: 150lbs; spent the last few days with the girlfriend cause she’s gone away walking for two weeks and my diet in the last week has been shit. Strength is up but weight is down. NEED TO FUCKING EAT MORE!

Bench: 60KG @ 2X7 / 1X8
Flys: 10KG @ 3X10
Push Ups: 1x13 / 1x10 / 1x12
Dumbell Shoulder Press: 16KG @ 3x7
Skullcrushers: 20KG @ 3x10
Bent over raise: 3 X 10 @ 10KG

Had a workout with a mate today, bar speed was much better on the bench. Cant wait for back day tomorrow if I can fit it in. Trying to work out and eat as much as possible while the other half is away for the next 10 days.

Hey mate theres my log below. I had a motorbike crash two years ago as well, mashed my legs really bad. Lets compete mate. Have you any suggestions on the legs. Our workouts are completely different, i train every day
on a mostly compound split routine, your legs are stronger than mine. What are the front squats like, i have been thinking of doing them. Ha enjoy your freedom for the next ten days :slight_smile:

I pretty much train when I can. I may be moving house soon, just got a serious relationship and I’m trying to fit riding bikes in with making progress in everything else… theres not enough hours in the day!

I mainly struggle to eat often enough. At work I sometimes go without eating for 5 hours while constantly up on my feet.

Legs? … er… squat! I like lunges and bulgarian split squats too. I just try and give it all I’ve got, I believe that with legs and any heavy lifting, it’s a lot about your mental attitude when it gets tough over what/where/how/why you’re doing that exersize y’know? Dont neglect abs either. When I started really working on my abs and rear delts, good things happened in my bench, squat and deadlift.

Front squats are just to try and finish the quads off. People at work have said my ass is getting big and round, and I mainly feel back squats in the hamstrings and ass with a small amount of quad pump, so I’m trying front squats to try and get my quads bigger. I’ll be going heavier soon but right now I’m trying to get the movement down.

I wouldn’t ask for advice from me though, I’m just a small ripped dude trying to get big! Good luck :slight_smile:

Weight right now in the middle of the day: 154lbs

Food for today:

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches, protein shake

Small bowl of porridge, saussage, a couple eggs, a couple hash browns

Two chicken breast sandwiches with a bit of salad

A few handfuls of nuts


Still got a couple meals left… probably another shake after my workout, scrambled egg on toast, and a big plate of spaghetti bolognaise. Maybe something else before bed cause I am HUNGRY right now! Just cant seem to eat enough so that I stay full!

Deadlifts: 3X6 @90KG
Pull Ups: 3X8
Bent Rows: 3X10 @ 50KG
Reverse Curls: 2X6 1/10 @ 30KG
Hammer Curls: =======
Reverse Crunches: 3X10

Strange feeling like I’m tweaking a ligament or nerve on the inside of my left wrist. Deads started off feeling really light, pullups were hard cause of wrist, rows felt great and the curls beat my forearms well. Been up 15 hours, hammer curls have been dropped cause I was knackered.

Trusting my hamstrings and glutes feel good tomorrow, legs!

So in total, two days off before legs tomorrow because yesterday I was wiped out and didnt eat enough and today I had a lot on my plate and still dont think I’ve eaten enough today to warrent a useful workout.

Tomorrow is legs, but today I was productive and brought a digital camera so I can post up some pictures of how I look now, and hopefully compare them to 6 months time when I’m bigger.

When I hit a double bicep pose my right arm naturally comes up a lot higher and out more, whereas the left just stays solid in one place. Anyone else know what this could be or have experience with this?

I’ve done the best I can in both these pictures to get my arms even. I guess it’s just bad posture and motor patterns and I’ll have to learn to fix this through day to day life?

[quote]Ben_VFR85 wrote:
I mainly struggle to eat often enough. At work I sometimes go without eating for 5 hours while constantly up on my feet.

I dunno what you do for a job (maybe I missed it, I did kind of skim through reading this as I’m at work lol) anyway if you’re serious about gaining wt then you need to get this eating thing nailed.

Get yourself a shaker if you don’t have one (and if you do then I shouldn’t need to tell you this) and make shakes at work. It takes like 30secs to put some water and protein powder in a shaker, shake and drink.

Seriously you can do this very quickly anywhere…I have made shakes on the walk to the toilet when I’ve been working somewhere super busy! I don’t know any jobs where they would prevent you having a drink, so use this to your advantage,set an alarm on your phone if you need to and make sure you get some cals in regularly every 2-3 hrs.

Good luck.