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No More Excuses


I just wanted to make this thread especially for the guys on this site who are 20 and under. I'm tried of all the bullshit excuses I don't have enough time, My tummy hurts, I don't want to Bench 405 . It's time to become accountable. I'm not perfect myself I think I could have been worked harder in the past.

I was just thinking how much time I have wasted rationalizing stuff and making excuses to make myself feel better for not lifting as hard as I should have or taking it easy in a sports practice or game. It ends now. Your either moving foward or backwards in the weightlifting game. I'm going to become a champion and move foward

My main goal is strength gains along with some hypertrophy
1 Rep maxes
Bench: 165lbs
Squat: 260lbs
Deadlift: 350lbs
Weight: 165lbs
Body fat%: 7%

These are what my stats are going to be or higher in 6 months.
1 Rep maxes
Bench: 200lbs
Squat: 315lbs
Deadlift: 405lbs
Weight: 180lbs
Body fat%:7%

Feel free to post your stats and how your going to improve on them in the future and stop being such wimps.

I didn't know where to post this at first I didn't want to post this in a specific forum because I think this could be applied to everyone.




Single digit body fat. Why do people have to lie on the internet?


OP, the reason no one is going to take this seriously is because we've seen it all before. Many people post the "before" threads where they show their lifts, possibly some pictures, talk about how dedicated they're going to be, and the updates and "after" threads rarely get made.

If you were really holding yourself accountable there would be no need to post this on the internet. The truth is, this thread will die fairly quickly and in 6 months no one will even remember to check in with you to see if you stuck with it or not.



Unless you already have some AFTER pictures ready, don't even bother with these threads. Everybody is really gung-ho when the first get started. Look how crowded the gym is around New Years. By summer they've dwindled back to the regulars being the only ones in the gym.


i dont see the need to shoot this guy down.


Nobody's shooting the guy down. Forums like these are like supplements. If you already have everything else in order they help, but if you depend on them they're a waste of money.


I can see that you might not see the need, you joined the site in 2000 fucking 9. People who have been here for a lot longer than you might have a different perspective on these types of things after we have seen 100 or more of them a year and 1% of those ever do an update worth reading. So .... STFU



  1. Just because i joined in 2009, does not mean i have only read the forums since 2009.
  2. If threads like this annoy you so much, why dont you just ignore them?
  3. The only reason for your dismissive attitude is to appear like Mr Hardcore-Ive-Seen-It-All-Veteran.
  4. Congratulations on being a member of an internet forum for a number of years. Im sure its one of your greatest achievements.


True that, Master of Analogy.


Very well said.

He started the AWT, he's an internet legend.


because these threads sprout up like weeds.

"im gonna double all my lifts by the winter"

"and then im gonna cut 10 pounds"

"and then im gonna do a powerlifting meet"

"and then im gonna do a bodybuilding show"

ya know, ive found that the more you talk about doing something the less likely it is to happen. when i started lifting, i didnt have to go fucking make announcements, i just did the damn thing. if youve done something, like a meet or a show and you want to detail it out in public for your next one thats fine - but thats someone who's done it before.

dont come in here talking all this shit about what youre gonna do cause frankly its been done a hundred times and no one ever follows up. this shit should be in beginners anyway. the BBing section is a fucking compost heap lately.


Then you should know already. Nobody wants to see this guy hit by a train and I'm betting he would get congrats if he sticks with it from the very people in this thread.

Lanky's right though. After a while you just yawn when you see these kinds of threads. I don't know this guy at all, he may be the next Mr. O, but I doubt it because people who look for primary motivation outside of themselves practically never go anywhere in this game. That doesn't make him a bad guy. It just makes him another probably well meaning kid starting the 1000th thread like this that will probably go nowhere.

Let him prove us wrong. I hope he does.


All those goals are definitely doable. I do see people having a prob with the bf% though. Still, I don't think it's that he's making a BS call, I think that most people have no clue what it actually looks like. I think I was about 6-7% 2 weeks out from my last contest (I had veins running up my thighs, across my chest, my medial delts, my abs.. you name it), which is why I have a difficult time when someone states that they're in that condition just walking around normal everyday (I know that I couldn't hold that condioning very long, and I'm pretty mentally tough with this stuff).

Still..... there's nothing like others making you be accountable for mouthing off, not in a bad way, but it certainly crossed my mind on the days when I found myself doing weights, and cardio, and low carbs, and low cals, and work.... I thought about everyone who I told that I was going to be in a contest. It really did make me dig a little deeper (fear of embarassment is a huge motivator! -lol)



I couldn't agree more! You either got it, or you dont. The biggest self motivation of all is what you have inside you. If you're fire is burning strong enough, you shouldn't be needing to make yourself accountable by going on forums and starting threads like this. and like lanky said, this shit went old 100+ posts ago and VERY FEW came through and posted after pics and after stats. I don't even know what the percentages are but its pretty damn low.

On a side note, nothing wrong with it. Take it from STU, all that "thinking about the people I wanna prove wrong" can help you out. But really, you didn't have to make this thread if you're really that motivated. But you can count this post and add me to the list of people that wanna be proven wrong.


Well i have some friends who are naturally at what you described, 6 pack veins running across every body part and they walk around like that daily. Just because you or someone you know needed to go through so much trouble doesnt mean there arent people that walk around at single digit bodyfat daily. Granted the people i know arent exactly muscular, and are just teenager-sized kids, but theyre still managing single digit bodyfat while eating anything and everything and not caring much about their physiques.


OK, but none of this addresses what he was talking about.


1) Congratulation on being a lurker on an internet forum for a number of years, you have the time to waste to read through it all, but lack the social skills to interact with people without being a douchebag (until 2009 when you threw caution to the wind and posted like a douchebag anyways) I'm sure it's one of your greatest achievements.

2) If posts like Prof X's annoy you so much, why respond to them? Why not just ignore them?

3) The only reson for your douchebag attitude is because well you are a douchebag.

4) see #1 I combined them with my long time internet message board posting skills.



Single body fat at 165lbs at 6ft is not that impressive dude I'm not lying. I play basketball so I can't really get above 12% bf


Don't worry I was just posting my goals up maybe I should have put them up in my blog. You don't have to worry about me being dedicated or not. and In six months I will post you don't have to worry about that. People who write their goals down are a lot more likely to achieve them I also wanted to know if you guys thought these goals were realistic.