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No More Excuses...I Want to Do a Show


Well, where to start.


I got into lifting in 2003 (age 20) when a budy of mine introduced me. I have trained off and on for almost 6 years now. while i know that my body comp and strength are much better than what they would have been if i never started, I am no where near happy with myself. I was always active when i was younger. soccer since i was 6. Tae Kwon Do for 10 years (i got my Black Belt and then quit...i hate that i did that). I played baseball for a few years as well.

current stats-
Height - 69 inches
Weight - 185 lbs
BF% - ? (my stupid scale says ~20%)
ill post measurements tonight (currently at work)

Current 1RM

Bench - 205 lbs
Squat - 305 lbs
DL - 405 lbs

Personal best 1RM

Bench - 225 lbs
Squat - 315 lbs
DL - 495 lbs

age 14 - I broke the head of my humerous when a kid twice my size landed on me when i slide tackled him. the bone healed perfectly but i think the supporting structures around it never healed properly as i never did any rehab.

age 23 - has surgery on my left ear (i am partially deaf - about 50% loss in both ears - the procedure was to try and correct that - didnt work) I couldnt lift for 6 months.

age 25 - depression. from many things, one being my girlfriend of a long time and I splitting up ( i had just baught a ring to propose to her, so i was stuck with heartache and a $200 a month bill for a ring i had no use for)


well i am tired of where i am right now. my job. my body. my mental state. I want to make a change. I have had aspirations in the past of doing a bodybuilding show but never followed through. I want to do a show now and I want to do it the right way. I talked to my buddy who has done a few shows and asked him what i should do first...cut/bulk. he says to bulk.

I will post some pics later tonight as well as some details of my diet and workout routine. hopefully i can get some feedback from some here to help me along and to keep my motivation strong.

Let the Journey Begin!!!


well here are some of my measurements

Right Thigh = 26 1/4 in
Left Thing = 26 in
Waist = 36 1/2 in
Hips = 40 1/2 in
Right Calf = 16 1/2 in
Left Calf = 16 1/4 in
Shoulders = 49 1/2 in
Chest = 43 in
Left Bicep = 15 in
Right Bicep = 15 1/2 in
Neck = 16 1/2 in

just weighed myself again with BF% (Tanita scale)
190.2 @ 20.7%


ok time for some "before" pics. i'm attempting to take some pics with my camera. let see how they turned out...


Front Double Bi


Back Double Bi


weak attempt at a lat spread...haha


Leg shot...i will try and get better pics soon


ok, while i said i would post my nutrition and workout plan tonight, it is getting late and i have work in the A.M. I will post them some time tomorrow


ok, i am testing puting up a video in hopes to maybe record some lifts some times. dont mind the quality. just seeing how this works...


I am also in the "bettering myself" phase. I have been going to the gym 3 times a week now for approx 45 minutes... rotating biceps/upperback/lower back with triceps/chest. And then an off day where whatever doesn't feel sore gets worked on with some semi-isolation machines.

Been consuming about 4 scoops of protein powder a day (I use a combo of muscle milk and ON's Gold 100% whey) as well as 6g of creatine monohydrate powder. Sometimes I feel like I'm not pushing myself to the max, even though I get to failure (although sometimes I wonder whether its failure or just me wussying out because of the pain, but no pain no gain, that and I start shaking which might indicate the lack of electrolytes/carbohydrates I have in my body at the time... maybe I should consider adding an energy supplement drink on top of the pre and post workout protein shakes).

Good luck with your endeavors and hope to see your improvements. Sorry to hear about your failed love life... I went through something similar about 3 years ago, but I learned to use it as a strength to better myself, and do a lot of things I could not do otherwise with a SO.

I'm still in mid-20s, so I got some time, so theres no rush for that. On top of bulking (which is what I'm doing at this point in my life)... I was considering getting lessons and buying a motorcycle. But that may or may not fall through, since its more of a luxury goal if anything.


Thanks for Checking out my Training Log, salamando. I've been trying to use the breakup as motivation to lift heavy. I am in no way however doing this for or because of her. this is for me...although thinking of the crazy girl does help me push out another rep here and there. I have been wanting to get a bike, as well, for a long time now. just dont have the extra funds and rather spend it on stuff to help me achieve my other goals. Good luck with your goals as well!


well here come the excuses...

a very good family friend passes away yesterday, which is why i did not update. I did go to the gym and had a great lift. I pulled 405 for 2. I dont plan on letting this deter me from my goals. This just reminds me how little time we have to achieve what we want in life.



I usually have a hard time getting up because if I sleep on my right side, then my "good ear" is against the pillow and it's harder for me to hear the alarm...

not a problem today!! today I was woken up to a PAINFUL calf crap in my right leg. I used to get them back when I played soccer, but I was sleeping. Not sure why. my various google searches say low electrolytes and strenuous exercise are usually the cause. I did blast Legs two days ago but I am pretty sure i am getting a good amount of potassium and calcium.

Any ideas?


salt or magnesium possibly. Stay away from carbonated beverages.

Work hard and stay focused.


thanks for the tips. i monitor my salt intake better.

I dont drink carbonated beverages. just water or milk. sometimes ill put some gatorade powder in my water.


Hey man, if you're on a budget, toss a pinch of salt into your protein shakes. Just a tad.

Otherwise, I recommend you look into the variety of sports drinks available for purposes of glycogen replenishment and such. They almost always have a great mix of electrolytes.

Biotest's Surge Recovery is a good choice.

I'll be following.


thanks for the salt tip,Flow. I will try that, since i am on a bit of a budget.

looks like my plans have somewhat changed.

I am going to Myrtle Beach in 5 and 1/2 weeks. so i am going to do a short cut to get rid of some of this BF. I am starting by restricting my diet to 1800 - 1900 kcals. (600 CAL FAT/ 350 CAL CARB/ 900 CAL PRO)

havent figured out what I want my exercise to be yet. I still want to keep in the hypertrophy range (10-12 reps). I think ill prob do a bunch of supersets.

I weighed in at 191 @ 21.1% today. lets see what I am by 7/15...


I read your first post. Even if things haven't been so good up until now, things can change in the future, and you are mostly the master of your own success. Never do any shortcuts and work hard!

Never give up!


thanks for the words of encouragement Stallion!

Well, i have been keeping at a steady diet of chicken breast, asparagus, eggs, rice, etc. and have actually found it is harder to eat so often. I constantly find myself looking at the clock at work and saying "shit, i gotta eat." My workouts have been good so far. im still doing a body part split that I was doing before this thread.

Day 1 - Legs
Day 2 - Low Pull
Day 3 - Push
Day 4 - High Pull


havent had any problems with the calf cramps anymore either