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No More Caffeine?


After reading Berardi's Caffeine Roundtable article, does this mean I can't take my Spike Shooter before working out anymore?


The roundtable was far from conclusive. Yet, IMHO, you're better off without caffeine in the long run. Caffeine-free Spike is a nice product.


I think you'll find just as many, if not significantly more, nutrition gurus who recommend caffeine before training.

You can either blindly follow someone's advice or you can experiment and find out what actually works best for you.


If you take caffeine every time before you workout it won't do much, as you'll get used to it and you'll need it to have a "normal" workout. If you don't take caffeine at all you will have the same effect, as you will get used to not needing a stimulant. I think the point of the article, based on this info, is that you should only use caffeine before certain workouts where you want an extra boost or plan on going for max intensity stuff, but not before EVERY workout. Moderation goes a long way with stims.

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I only use caffeine before bench, leg, and back days. By only using 3 days a week I have been able to get the same effect even after years of use. Caffeine-Free Spike is OK but a far second to the original Spike IMO.


you could probably cycle it with Caffeine-free Spike every 2 weeks or so and still feel stimulation from it. I'd recommend ephedrine, but it seems to be very individual as far as what your experiences are when taking it. A lot of people report feeling jittery, but I'm currently doing 24 mg ephedrine with 200 mg twice daily and all I really experience is the ability to focus intensely for 5-6 hours after taking it each time.

Also, both substances act through different mechanisms, so taking one or the other shouldn't affect the other in terms of feedback loops returning to normal.


Personally I must not use Spike for more than about 2 months before I must cycle off and let my body re-adjust. Just see what works for you.


         This looks like a good approach, and I do something akin to this, basicly taking it 3 times a week at 200mg a pop, unless a huge intensity is necessary and I'll toss down 400mg for a workout, but that is not very often, and especially in my phase right now, not doing the DC workouts anymore for the moment.

             For the price and availability, you can't beat plain old caffiene in my book. Ephedra while potent and possesing superior fat burning capabilites, is much harder to get, and a bit hard on the cardiac muscle as well IMO. Of course the eca was and still is unbeatable at the original dosage of 25/200/low dose aspirin. per hit.

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