No more bleeding shins, but more ???

Hey man, I really appreciate your help. I do, however, have a couple of more questions. I’ve been doing the DL w/ the bar over ABOUT my toes. I tried this and it felt very unnatural and strained on my lower back. I tried moving the bar to about midfoot, the place where it GRAZES the shins at the top. This feels much better. Any more Suggestions?

Midfoot sounds like good bar placement to me…everyone has to play around with the bar a little bit to find the optimal position for them. And whether or not the bar slighty grazes the shin is also highly individual (depends on height and various other factors), so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. At least you’re not bleeding anymore.

I generally pull from the about where my toes meet my foot. This is the most comfortable and effective position for myself and I’ve yet to rip apart my shins.

In your case, midfoot sounds like a great position to pull from. I'd stick with midfoot as the position where the bar was over your toes was not effective for you. You need to use what works best for you.

I disagree. There is no super bar placement that works for everybody. Westside recommends
placing the bar at exactly the location so that when you stand up, the bar travels in a straight line up, rather than have to roll back to you or out over your knees. To paraphrase Dave Tate “It’s easier to pull a 198 pound lifter to the bar, then a 600 pound bar to the lifter” I have tried this and pulled triple bodyweight. For me (I DL conventional style) the bar is about an inch from my shins at the start.

Who and what exactly are you disagreeing with?