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No More Bill Maher!!!! Sorry Lion.

Good news today for all good people. Bill Maher’s show received the axe. He was host of Politically Incorrect. In case you haven’t watched it, consider yourself fortunate. This was a show where Maher invited four guests onto his show. He sat in the middle and was obstensibly the moderator. In actuality, he used it as a forum to espouse his twisted views. This little fellow would always invite three liberals and one conservative on the show. He, and the other misguided nitwits, would then proceed to gang up on the conservative. Each episode, the conservative would put forth reasonable, logical, and well-presented arguments. Maher and his little gang would then get whipped up in a frenzy and shout down the conservative. They would use the typical liberal, emotional based arguments. It was apparent that he and his little friends were outclassed every night. Instead of trying to win an argument based on it’s merits, he and his small friends would rudely interrupt the conservative and try to drown out his/her arguments. I watched it a few times and was completely disgusted. I used to fantasize about being invited on that show. It would be fun to take on any four simpering, liberal fools. However, I doubt he would have considered inviting me. The thought of a physically large man who loves to mix it up would cause Maher and his cronies to become incontinent of bowel and bladder. Doesn’t it just delight the imagination!?!

Good riddance, although some around here would consider Maher to be the “ideal” T-man.

I’m curious which of Maher’s views you most disagree with. What’s your top five gripes about his outlook? I found that I agreed with him at times and disagreed with him at times (about 50-50). I really don’t care if the show got cancelled, but it was nice to have at least a half hour of TV that wasn’t afraid to say something that could be considered controversial (whether I agreed or not).

lol you never paid much attention to the show did you. or maybe it was far over your head. There have been some bad shows, but Maher was definately not a hardcore liberal. Geez. He does lay into bush more than clinton, but i watched a show were he layed into the 2 women due to their feministic logic of using their emotions to convey some sort of reason. Mahers about pushin the envelope, things like (legalizing drugs and) making people responsible for themselves— which is a REAL conservative motif that is NEVER supported by so called republicans. In actuality Mahrers a REAL conservative in that hes basically a Libertarian. Dude you really shoulda tried watching the show more. Maybe hes too smart for you… i didnt always agree with what he said and some of the shows were rediculous but i respect Maher for having the balls to make bold statements and have a show on a mainstreem show that was anything but mainstreem.

Bill Maher is an idiot and not surprisingly he has many of the same views as you. Hehheh. On one of the few episodes I could actually sit through he sounded much like you when it came to stealing people’s land and bombing shit. I’m not going to miss him one bit.

I will actually miss his show. Maher is not a liberal in the political sense of the word. He thinks for himself and is quite conservative in many of his views. Ya he was beligerant and some of his ideas were goofy, but I often found myself agreeing with him on many issues. Cancelling his show was flat out censorship and a gutless reaction by the network. They got cold feet after his retarded comments about Sept. 11. and cancelled him. I thought the people of America were proponents of free speech. I would expect this sort of thing to happen up here in Canada, but not the U.S. Oh well, I guess our countries are’nt as different as I thought.

I never saw a single episode of that show where Bill Maher didn’t talk over, interrupt, and try to drown out his conservative guests. Interruption drives me nuts, whether it’s Chris Mathhews, Bill O’Reilly, or anyone else. If I were a guest on Politically Incorrect and that punk tried to talk over me, I would give him one chance to stop it. I am not the most conservative character on earth but I really hate that shit.

I disliked many of the things Bill Maher thought – he defended Willy Clinton to the hilt, calling his perjury a “shining moment”. I hope he understands that if it were he or I that lied like that to a courtroom, our asses would be in jail. He made fun of retarded people, saying they were “just like dogs”. Wow, what a tough man! I hope he got a real leg up with that one. He CONSISTENTLY allowed his liberal guests to talk over his conservative guests, and would only jump in when the conservatives made a valid point. If you doubt my take on this, read the last few days’ transcripts on ABCNEWS.com. He calls himself a libertarian, which must be a laugh to real libertarians. He attacks any political guests he has on his show, but is too afraid to take on any of the popular entertainers that he has on. He called our men and women in uniform cowardly for firing cruise missiles (“We have been the cowards…”). I wonder where he would draw the line – ok, so suicide attacks against unsuspecting civilians obviously rank as “brave”. Where is the line drawn in his mind I wonder? Another thing that pissed m off about him was that he was a chameleon depending on what show he was being interviewed on (no wonder he liked Bubba so much!) He would act decidedly more conservative on conservative shows, and much more rabid on liberal shows. I respect sticking your guns a lot more than pandering to the audience.

The bottom line is, I thought he was an asshole. Apparently enough advertisers agreed with me that it made his show unprofitable. You have the freedom to say as much nasty dumb shit as you want, but that might compromise your “right” to a TV show. Have fun on public access, Bill!

So, it’s censorship if they can’t get enough sponsors to pay for the show? Sounds more like a good business decision to me.

I liked old Bill. He was exactly as his show said. Politically Incorrect. I liked his show and agreed with many of his views. Everybody on the show had a fair shot, until they said something stupid. I am a conservative liberal, so I can go either way on many topics. So on a show like this, whoever made the best point was who I would side with. This was a great show for discussing controversial topics, letting all sides speak their opinion. We need more shows like this. But ultimately being politically incorrect scared too many narrow minded people away from the show. Bill you will be missed!!!

I was not aware it was an issue with the sponsers that caused his cancellation. If so than no it’s not censorship by the network. However, if the show was getting good ratings, but sponsers pulled out because they did’nt like Maher or his views, than it’s still a form of censorship by the sponsers and a gutless reaction.

Gutless reaction? Let me ask you this – if you owned a company and felt that your association with a particular program could hurt sales or otherwise tarnish your name, would you continue to give them your money? Free speech is good, but it would be foolhardy to hurt your own company over the esoteric. Again, sounds like just good buisiness sense to me.

I would say Bill was the narrow minded one. I’ve seen how he treated conservative guests. He would intentionally put them on with three Liberals and proceed to sit there and bash them. Fine, he wasn’t a conservative. But, what kind of crap show is it to shout over a guest who is trying make a calm and logical arguement. Why allow the show to team up into a gang up and bully show. Most of his arguements were silly (along with those of his hollywood, ‘expert’ buddies) and pure emotion. He was a social liberal and from what I could tell, a fiscal liberal. He came off anti-gun ownership, anti-hunter, anti-SUV, etc., etc. He really seemed like a straight up liberal everytime I saw him, not as a Libertarian. I respect the fact that he isn’t religious, but the cheap shots he took at people that are were pretty ignorant. His total disregard for Clinton’s perjury disgusted me. Was he a champion of smaller government in the way of less spending, less taxation? If so, I never saw him shout down or gang up on any democrats. Maybe I missed that, I don’t know. Actually, with his beliefs, I would say his show was politically correct.

Well, Dman, thank you for the laugh. I have sent an e-mail to some of my friends encouraging them to read your post. They loved the line about Maher being “over your head.” The responses were all the same. They thought it was laughable that a guy who cannot spell would accuse ME of being stupid. They were also a little surprised that someone would engage in character defamation without ever having met their target. I gently remined them that this Dman is a liberal. That’s their M.O. When confronted with the truth, a liberal will immediately become very uncomfortable. Then he/she will try to change the subject. Usually, they resort to personal attacks to deflect the argument away from the uncomfortable truth. I’d be happy to stack up my academic/professional/physical achievements up against nearly anyone.
Like most liberals, Bill Maher is a total hypocrite. He rails against Bush. However, he defended that dirtball Clinton so his arguments are automatically invalid. I know how to make you squirm, Dman, I’ll tell the truth. Clinton lied under oath (I can’t remember ever being alone with Miss Lewinsky. 38 confirmed meetings per White House records), Clinton used public finances to satisfy his little pp. (see Arkansas State troopers), Clinton raped at least one woman (see 1979 incident), Clinton and his people trashed the White House, Clinton engaged in open bribery (See Marc Rich), Clinton used the power of the Presidency to deflect the truth (See Sudan building). The list goes on and on. Please try to deny any of these accusations, Dman. There are many, many more that we can talk about.
By the way, your spelling errors are as follows: you wrote: rediculous, hes(twice), pushin, and shoulda. Please look them up for the benefit of mankind.

For those of you who are wondering about Bill Maher’s political affiliation, he supported Nader in the last election. His professed libertarianism was of the psuedointellectual variety, likely based on a single, not-well-understood reading of Atlas Shrugged combined with an affinity for the “wacky tabaccy.” He was amusing, but definitely in an erratic, hit-or-miss fashion. I won’t miss the show.

BTW, as an aside, since I've graduated law school my "3-L" designation on my handle is no longer appropriate, so I will be signing all future posts "Boston Barrister" to reference my new home and profession. Peace. Out.

I too am glad to see that he is gone. I held his show and his ideas in nothing but contempt. I would give him the benefit of the doubt, however, and assume that he doesn’t follow or endorse “Atlas Shrugged.” I’m no expert but I’ve read it 4 or 5 times (it’s my favorite book) and couldn’t even imagine someone confusing its message so badly. About the only similarity is that Rand was an athiest and TV boy sounds like one too. Rand strongly believed in supreme and utter responsibility for ones actions and BIll’s is for the utter disregard of most.
I saw him on Larry King and was amazed that BIll was for mad cow disease because that would cut down on people eating red meat.
He’s all for making us trade in our suv’s, but he wont even discuss searching for more oil. There is supposedly a lot of it in Florida but the tree fuckers make it impossible to get at it.
Anyway, I’m getting off track. Fuck Bill Maher
If he was really politically incorrect he would have the balls to admit that over %85 of violent crimes are commited by minorities. Let’s study that one for awhile. Poverty’s no excuse either.