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No More BBQ at my Apartment



so today I got a letter saying that I can no longer bbq at my apt. First we weren't allowed charcoal so I got propane...now none whatsoever!

F*ck these guys! If I can't have my bbq then MGMT can't have their front teeth as I'll remove them with my fist.


How can I eat my steak and chicken now? George Foreman dries them out too much.

BBQ is like taking away part of what makes me a MAN!

I'm pissed and unfortunately I cannot do a damn thing about it besides bitch and moan on the internet.

F*ck this place...this may be the one thing that pushes me over the edge. LOL You all may be seeing me in the newspapers very soon. LOL


isn't it bs how dumbass rules and laws are made in the world and especially in the United States...if there is one thing that 'irks' me more than anything, its f*cked up rules that don't have to be there that have been put in place by the higher power for who knows what reason.

oh well...life goes on.

As you can tell I really like to BBQ.

I'm going to protest.


I use the foreman as most of my food is frozen i just defrost it a little and it dosnt dry out the food when I cook it. There is this new one out that is like a foreman mr T sells it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6Thbl9C_tY but I havnt tried it.


you should rip out the stop signs around your complex


Whoah! Dude had his right to BBQ taken away?? That is some fucked up shit right there man! Why don't they just ask you to remove a testicle too??

Can you move?


obviously why you need to come to 'bama. we'll let you grill out whenever your taut ass desires.



I would ask where in the lease, it states that you may not BBQ


A man isn't a man if he doesn't BBQ.


I would refer to the dept of consumer affairs for california to see what rights you have


I'm willing to bet you can't get around this one. If you are a renter then I feel even more confident in the statement. I own a townhome and got a $25 fine for having a pit within 10 ft. of the building.

It may be a city ordinace.



Take out the charcoal toss in some wood.


That sucks. I would move. I grill a shit load of meat lately and this would wreck my whole routine. They don't make a Foreman grill big enough to match a real pit or one you can toss 5 inch thick t-bones on at the same time.


Algore is displeased you are not enthusiastic about reducing your carbon footprint.


Just wheel your grill out on to the nearest sidewalk....they can't keep you from grill on public property!!!


Sorry to hear about your BBQ privileges being revoked, that certainly sucks.

If you want to see oppression of even the slightest bit of individual expression, move to a condo. Particularly one with an elderly "condo board" making the rules. My first property was a condo, and these pruny-assed old fucks made me resent what was at the time my biggest financial decision.

I put a "Welcome" mat in front of my door, the next day, a warning appeared in my mailbox. "Obstructing the aesthetic flow of the corridor" was the exact term. I replaced it with a very modest "Welcome Rock", about the size of an average stapler. Another obstruction warning, the next day. Heaven forbid I actually WELCOME somebody into my place.

A relatively quiet 2 months passed, then another warning in my mailbox. This time, it was "Obstructing the aesthetic flow of the exterior". I was at a loss...what was the hang-up these old bags had with "aesthetic flow"?! (They probably hadn't had an "aesthetic flow" for several years on account of their enlarged prostates and bladder disorders). The cause of the warning this time....I had too many plants hanging from my balcony!

I finally approached some members of the condo board and very politely asked if my plants could remain. "Nope...these are the rules....we like 'em. You don't....you can leave". I did about a month later.

I think they would have drawn and quartered me for any kind of BBQing.


Stupid rules are meant to be broken but be prepared to accept the consequences. I know a lot of times, as a former 16 unit apartment manager, tenants will complain about the smoke from the BBQ so you need to be weary of pissing your neighbors off. That's one rule to live by if you like living where you live.

Other than that tell management to fuck off and enjoy yourself a steak!

holy ballz, what is the world coming to?!


at first I let it slide,Ya know they were funny little comments.

but come on now
MMF, then MMM now talking taut asses.
dude,are you ok?


Yep and I pay $250 per month in HOA fees. I need to move. The current market has prolonged my stay.


Were you grilling inside your apartment or outside?




This story sounds like a Greek tragedy to me. Considering what happened and you don't want to move, you can just use a skillet and do it. I know it's not much like grilling but it's a decent option.