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No money, no sled

Fellow t-brothers,

I needed to purchase a pulling sled from the good men down at Elite Fitness Systems. Unfortunitly the total cost (with shipping) comes to about $225US. I live in Canada so the real cost to me is about double that. I go to University and live away from home, so I cannot afford to spend that kind of money. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could make my very own GPP metal Sled? I have access to a welder but no oxy-acetalyn torch.

Greg, all I do is use my kids plastic snow sled and load it up with sand bags. I attach a nice 3/4" rope to the front and it holds 100’s of pounds without any problems. The total cost (including sand) is less than $20. You shouldn’t have any problem finding snow sleds in Canada.

What the fuck do you want a “pulling sled” for?
Doesn’t your school have a gym?

Hey thanks Buster, sometimes the answers are easier then expected!

There are many things you could use in place of an authentic sled. I use a snow sled attached to rope and some chain. You could take an old wheelbarrow and take the wheel and handles off…If you got a welder you oughta be able to make one quite easy.

Colin, it’s so nice to have you here on the forum. Your use of vocabulary is so impressive. Maybe, when everyone in the world is like you, there can be peace and harmony on earth. I eagerly look forward to your next post of pure inspiration.

colin, go read some of Coach Davies stuff before you make an even bigger fool of yourself. This site is about supporting others in iron game, not beaking off on subjects that you have no experience in. Deal with it.

An old tire and a rope work in a pinch. Use an inner tube as a handle. You can use different sized tires or place hex bells (rocks, whatever) inside for added weight, or pull in grass for resistance. Remember, for GPP work (Dave Tate style) you don’t have to go heavy, instead you go for time, distance or reps.

Greg, I spent the big bucks for Dave Tate’s sled on elitefitnesssystems. It should be here in a few weeks. I thought about making my own, but I’d probably screw it up (as simple as it is). Something else Dave Tate has recommended is getting an old tire, putting a piece of plywood in the middle and then putting your weight on the plywood. All you need to do then is add your straps (rope, leather, chains, etc). Good luck! P.S. They may have sleds at your university. I know many athletes use them on our campus. You could ask the strength and conditioning coaches if they could sell you one cheap or let you use one of theirs.

shipping pallets0 with truck tires on top work good pulled over asphalt

Hey - the EFS sled is great but can I make a minor suggestion. Now it won’t be as convenient as a sled but it can be more diverse - tires (truck tires if possible), attach straping which you can find at any truck stop. The tires can be used flipping as well. I hope it helps. In faith, Coach Davies

Colin,I would like to join the other posters in thanking you for your highly thoughtful,well-crafted and invaluable post.As for the sled question,I had a friend who has a welding shop make one up from a sketch I did,all he wanted in return was to borrow a bunch of NHB video tapes.He said it was a quick job and it would have cost very little to make up if I had to pay.Just go down to your local welding shop and ask how much they can make one up for .The sled works a treat,I really enjoy using it.

i made one with a tire, an eyebolt, some chain, and hold down straps. some wood in the tire to hold weight and you are good to go.

So now that you’ve got your sled, where the heck do you keep it? Where do you pull it, in your driveway or the road or something?

When I get my sled (hopefully in the next couple of weeks), I’ll be keeping it in my bedroom closet or on the back patio. I’ll be using it in the backyard on the grass.

you know Nate, my place looks like an equipment distributor. I’ve got kettlebells stacked like cannonballs, sleds,bumper plates, a wheelbarrow, heavy stones, kegs, ropes,logs and a lot of crazy stuff all sitting on my front porch. I think the neighbours just walk by thinking, there’s the coaches house - just keep walking. Have fun with your new equipment buddy. In faith, Coach Davies

Hey Coach, it sounds like you have the coolest house on the block! I’d sure enjoy coming over to play with all your cool toys! I’m sure the neighbors get a kick out of it! Soon, my closet will look like your front porch! I now have a kettlebell, dragging sled, swiss ball, jump rope, chin bar, push-up bars, various Olympic plates, French curl bar, in-line skates and a few other little goodies!

Hey thanks guys for your suggestions, in a few short days i’ll have a sled ready to go.