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No Mind-Muscle Connection During Flyes and Dips

Coach T and all others, I’ve read articles on MM conns and cannot for the life of me establish it during flyes (as well as chest dips). Doesn’t matter if I use cables or dumbbells. I’ve experimented with slight elbow variations, but no matter what I try, I feel like it’s 100% front delt work. My blades are pinched back, I’m keeping my reps slow, and form strict. I start with a pec squeeze, but as soon as my arms begin forward, I can physically see the chest relax in the mirror throughout the remainder of the rep. I workout at home with power rack, adjustable bench, and full cable setup. I appreciate all help that can be given, especially if it’s some off the wall stuff I’ve never heard of to help me get my chest in full working order. Respect to all. Brian

If this link works CT explained how to work on this to another member over 4, 3 week blocks.


Thank you for that! That’s an amazing post. Saved it in my bookmarks. Of course it raises another question… should I cut the iso movements for the pressing dominant groups while trying to MM connect to the pecs? I’m able to do whole workout as outlined except for pec deck. Don’t have the machine. Perhaps I could use the cables in some way (wrapped at elbows) to simulate the machine. Never seen that done, so please feel free to tell me if I’m a moron for thinking that. Haha. I also saw the thread emphasis on slow eccentrics. I’ve got that down, it’s just the way I’ve always lifted. I will definitely follow the chest program to a tee though and focus on the iso movements. My frequency is 2X and 3X on alternating weeks (full body HST routine). I probably should have mentioned that in opening post. Sorry bout that. I really appreciate you hooking me up with his advice though. Thanks again.

I’m not an expert by any means but what I did was some pretty light dumbbell flies where I exaggerated the movement with straight arms as far as I could reach. I could feel my pecs stretch and I brought my arms up to 3/4 using just my chest. Did that a few times and I was already recruiting my chest way better. That worked for me. Squeeze press or cable cross overs could work but remember it’s about activating your pecs so keep it light and focus. Then do it at the beginning of every workout as outlined.
As far as cutting isolation movements for shoulders let’s say. You may want to just put that stuff on maintenance mode since you will be doing a specialization phase. Just hit all your major compound movements stick to the chest stuff and fix your chest that you can’t feel working.

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Thanks J. When you do your squeeze press, which direction do your palms face? I’ve tried straight arm flies with little (and sometimes no) weight and I can feel the contraction but once my arms break parallel with my body, my shoulders roll out. To be honest, the straight arm fly isn’t a movement I do, although I have tried them in the past. I will focus on the squeeze press (I need to learn more about these) and cable movements tonight and let y’all know how I made out. Thank you again for your time and help. Brian

Your palms face each other. If you have access to hex head dumbbells it’s easier as round ones can slip out of alignment or even a couple plates squeezed together or between dumbbells but that’s a little risky (you can drop a plate on your face). Just focus on contracting the pecs and keep the feeling of constant tension going up and down, don’t relax at the top or bottom. Do these for a while and you’ll be on the right track.l

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Right on. I have the BF selecttech dumbbells but after researching the movement, I came across Thibs article about putting a piece of foam between 2 round dumbbells to help stabilize. Will keep on keeping on with the rest of the compounds and throw this in as well. Much appreciated!

Ok, just finished workout with added squeeze presses and crossovers. Did 6 sets each. My shit was convulsing during the final 3 sets on both exercises. Pecs literally looked like they were pumped up with a damn air needle when finished, including the upper middle. First time in my life I seen a complete line down the center of my chest (I’m not a big guy). I gotta say that I’m pretty f’n stoked right now about it! Definitely sticking with these and gonna finish out the program as outlined by Coach Thibs. Thanks to all for the words and advice! Bless y’all. Brian

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