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No Meniscus Left in Knee, Solutions to Help with Pain?

My father,now 56, has no menisxus left in his knee. What can be done to reduce the pain? It is a schroniv injury, it is like this for the last,dunno,8 years? Would squatting,deadlifting and stuff like that help with the pain? What do you propose he should do?

Thank you in advance.

ouch, that is a very tough situation, muscle strength should help but i am not sure how developing said strength would affect the knee, he WILL be looking at a knee replacement in the future though. Glucosamine and chondroitin coupled with fish oil might relieve the symptoms in the mean time

Dad was in the same boat with both of his knees, they were a mess from marathon running and just generally not taking care of himself. He’s just had two knee replacements and says it was hte best thing he’s ever done. He was back working (works construction) in two weeks after the first one and back in teh gym and riding bikes at 4 weeks. He said there are a few things they said not to do like squatting but he can deadlift and leg press and curl fine. He has 0 pain and is loving it.

Talk to a doc about the options. At least in Australia he got in for first surgery two weeks after talking to the surgeon and the second knee op six weeks after the first. All for free. Go Australia :slight_smile:

Best of luck!