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No Meat in Diet?


Is it okay if I have no meat in my diet?

Most of the time all of my protein intake comes from whey, cottage cheese, eggs, and nuts. I include almost no meat in my diet, not for vegetarian reasons, but because since I live at home and meat runs on the expensive side for protein per gram, my parents do no buy it in large quantities (though they are willing to buy cottage cheese and I buy my own whey).

Is this problematic for my diet?


So what is for meals at your place with no meat?


i think i would call child protective services



I mostly cook my own meals, but as I said...eggs, nuts, whey, cottage cheese, and tuna make my main staples (I did not include fish as meat).


It is perfectly fine to have no meat in your diet for bulking or dieting purposes. Otherwise vegetarians/vegans would be dropping dead everyday, which is not the case.


chicken breast and red meat my man put hair on your chest if u know what I mean.


You'll do fine as long as you eat enough. There is a guy in the T-Cell whose main source of protein was some form of dairy that had a German name, and he got up to almost 300lbs. Could have been cottage cheese or yogurt for all I know, I don't speak German.


However, chicken breasts and high-fat ground beef are pretty damn cheap ($2/lb) if you buy them at the right places.


As long as you have complete proteins, it's fine.
The more diverse your protein sources, the better, generally.
But, if you can't have meat, then it's nothing to worry about.

I get most of my protein/calories from milk and other dairy products. I eat meat too, but milk is just cheaper to bulk on. I've had no problems.

BUT, be careful. If you're eating too much of the same stuff, you could begin to develop an allergy.


in jail, people get pretty big and the main staple protein there is peanut butter.
Think about it


Those that follow your advice and truly "think about it" will find that you're wrong. I take it you're not familiar with (U.S.)jail/prison systems and commissary.