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No Meals After 7 PM?

I’m skinny high school senior with horribly restrictive parents. I’ve been training for almost a year doing mostly deadlifts, pullups, pushups, and running due to the lack of equipments.
Recently, my parents started to care too much about my nutrition and forcing me to follow their guidelines. They feel that my blood pressure might increase because I’m getting too much protein (probably only 70g per day), so they are not letting drink milk that I bought with my money and I am not allowed to eat anything after 7PM.

They also do not understand lifting heavy, thinking that you have to work out for one whole hour nonstop doing thousands of reps with wimpy weights. They see everything that I do has potential to raise my blood pressure. They have not allowed me to uptake my calories since I started lifting, as a result, I have only gained about 20lbs from the first few months.

There’s no use to persuading them. If I say anything, they will just say that my father was very muscular (110lbs, lol) when he was young when he ate only grains and used only 10lb dumbbells.
Is there anything I can do so that I won’t waste away before I get to college?
Is there any merit to their claims that protein would increase blood pressure? And that eating anything after 7PM is bad?

No. Hate your parents…they deserve it.

I’d get myself a part time job in the evenings where you work in a lumber yard… You can lift heavy lumber around, plus you can eat there on your breaks…

damn i feel sorry for you. you sound like you know what youre doing and have the drive to achive things, but are being held back by restrictive people who dont have a clue, sucks.
sounds like you will have to train and eat in secret and mostly at highschool, order portein powder and keep it at a friends house or in your locker.
are you playing any sports? maybe your coach can help you out.
dont give up!

Wow…as soon as you turn 18…get a job…go to college…and start eating like a man. Train like an animal everyday…and dont look back.

Your parents dont know shit!

There are some good articles on this site about how to explain this lifestyle to parents and the like. I can’t find it right now, but when I have time I’ll look it up.

Found it:

Have you gotten your blood pressure tested? Is it normal?

Tell your parents that you’ll get your blood pressure tested every 5-10lbs you gain. If they are still unreceptive it’s clear that they don’t actually care about your health but simply want to control you as much as possible.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Have you gotten your blood pressure tested? Is it normal?

Tell your parents that you’ll get your blood pressure tested every 5-10lbs you gain. If they are still unreceptive it’s clear that they don’t actually care about your health but simply want to control you as much as possible. [/quote]

Yes, why don’t you see a Dr. and get your vitals checked out? If a doctor doesn’t persuade them they are just fascist. Just don’t get it tested right after you lift :wink:

Thanks everyone!

I got 125/75 last time at the doctor’s. He said that it was a bit higher than normal, but not that big of a deal, although my parents apparently think it’s a huge deal.
I could not find anything proving high protein and lifting is bad for blood pressure and I don’t know where did they get the idea that meals after 7PM is bad.

Yea man, if anything buy some protein bars and hide them in your room. Eating is the most important thing you can do. Sorry about your situation, hopefully you can explain to them that they are slightly misguided on this issue…

Write them a letter with lots of specific facts and reference them to the appropriate article to prove your point. Then tell them something like, “I’ve done the research and clearly this is the proper way to do these things. Now I’m going to do it and you can either support me or not.” Then just eat what you want regardless of what they say. Sooner or later they will get over it. Its not like your trying to prove that heroin isn’t addictive and opium is good for the mind.


In high school, I (like most kids) hid serious things from my mom, like sex, some drug use, drinking, partying.

I can’t imagine it would be very hard for you to hide what you eat.

Also, if you wear big clothes, people don’t notice you gaining weight.

Dude you’re buying your own milk (it’s expensive shit) so it’s clear you’re serious about wanting to obtain goals you have for yourself. Don’t let your parents keep you from buying that milk. Keep up the good intentions and as soon as you’re out of their sight “Fuck shit up”. Good luck.

Weight training will increase your blood pressure. But having high blood pressure from lifitng weight is different than having high blood pressure from being obese. Your blood pressure may increase from a few reasons. One being that your blood will become thicker from increased red blood cell count.

There are dietary means to lower your blood pressure. You should look into them and implement them before you get it tested again.

FWIW: everyone goes through this phase… where they realize their parents are retarded.

Try to teach your parents the facts about blood pressure, training, and nutrition. Like others have suggested see a doctor and work with him/her to get your parents to see whats up. Maybe show them the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Promise to add some sprint workouts (still good for growth).

Heck maybe if they’re really that concerned you can get them to buy you some Flameout, superfood, and lots of raw foods lol

regardless you should hide Metabolic Drive bars and protein powders in your room… buy a 24 pack of water bottles so you dont have to leave your room to make them haha

I still think your best bet is to have a mature, candid conversation with your folks.

Just do a combination of all the above lol, and you should be fine bro.