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NO MD6 for me?? what do i stack T2 with

Here’s my problem I live in montreal and as you all know MD6 is pretty hard to get… actually I am not even sure its possible to get it anymore… so heres the thing first off if any of you guys live in montreal do you know a spot where you can buy MD6… and if not what other fat burner could i stack T2 with is nytroburn any good?? thats what renegade nutrition uses nopw instead of MD6 thanks for your answer, I appreciate it

I am in the same boat… I have T2, but I can’t find MD6 anywhere because i live in Canada, so I need to know if T2 will get me ripped by itself or if I should stack it with something else.

I highly recommend Tetracal or Xenadrine if you cannot get MD6, but those are second to MD6.

I know MD6 contains Yohimbe and is not legal in Canada. But tell me if T2 has been working for you, with or without a stack.

Funny you mention it. I’m from Montreal too and I was going to buy some fat burners from the local GNC because RN doesnt offer MD6 anymore. But when I got to the GNC I noticed that the Candian version of Xenadrine doesnt contain the same incredients as the american version. Not to mention they still sell it at the higher price. So I just bought the GNC brand ephedra for 10 bucks.

If you can get ephedrine HCL (not ephedra extract) I’d say go with that over any herbal ECA stack. Good luck --> outlaw

You should be able to order MD6 on line - try RN.com or one of many other canadian online retailers.