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No Marriage For Muscleheads


Hey guys. Bad news. Read it and weep:


It seems we are just not marriage material. Oh, and apperently Brad Pitt is brawny! Ha ha ha!


What a fucking bunch of bullshit.


I guess all the married, older guys on this site just somehow beat the odds. Riight...ah, studies-I really do not miss psychology too much


"The exceptions to the rules are extremely attractive women who tend to be willing to take the risk of marrying well-built men."

Doesn't sound half bad...


I guess they forgot to ask the scientifically sound question, "Would a six figure income change your mind?". I am sure that would have ruined the "study", however.


The "ickiness factor"?!

A guy with a healthy, athletic physique seems to have the opposite effect on me. There's tremendous commitment, and patience involved with athleticism and a healthy lifestyle.

Those things translate into life and relationship skills. I find a neglegent-looking man significantly less (if at all) attractive. If he can't commit to eating right and being active, then how would he ever inspire me to go on being that way?

Having said this, I suspect that most of the women surveyed were not necessarily representative of athetic, confident women who value good health and strong character above all.
(In themselves and others)

Don't worry guys - I think you'll all be fine. You might just have to settle for hot, active, intelligent women who aren't threatened by strong men.


what that garbage is telling me is this

"I as the average woman am very insecure. While I would secretly love to marry the brawny guy, that would involve that I actually put some effort into maintaining what attracted him to me in the first place for that one-night stand. Therefore, I will take the lame schlub who will be so happy to finally get some tail (at least until I marry him) that he'll never leave and worship the ground I walk on (meanwhile I will still probably search for side doses of the brawny 'D')."



I find it fairly rediculous that the asked women who they would try to marry rather than seeing who they did marry.


The percentage of women out there who take care of themselves, are physically active and even have the slightest clue what it takes for a guy to remain in well above average condition has to be minimal anyway. I rarely just see tons of in shape athletic women just walking around randomly. I see tons of the average "scrape their house-shoes when they walk" 50lbs overweight and constantly dieting type. It really isn't a stretch that the latter would feel more comfortable with someone just as content with being average or less than.


i wouldn't worry too much about it, varies from person to person. Look at Flex Wheeler, his wife is drop dead gorgeous, and he posed with her in a pic where he was 260 and shredded. Same applies to Lee Haney and others, marriage is not a popularity contest where you try to score with several different chicks on a given week, it is supposed to be falling in love with a significant other who shares your interests.
p.s. much like a metrosexual dude who gets his ass beat from rolling through Brooklyn, Ny, you must realize you can't please everyone. It's like comparing apples to oranges, everyone has different tastes of what they like. But please don't compare marriage to being a player. One is sacred and the other is trashy.


Come on, all women are perfectly self aware. I'm offended you would try to imply anything different.


If people wont marry brad pitt because he's too big, i guess theirs no hope for any of us. We must be huge.


How do you group Brad with Arnold? That basically covers the entire spectrum including ANY guy who lifts weights on a regular basis and actually looks like it.


I think that just shows how incredibly insecure most people have become. You know they want the gorgeous hunky guy with broad shoulders. They know they want him. They only choose the mealy-mouthed skinny pipsqueak because no one else wants him and he will be faithful to them.

But just look at how many marriages fail anyway due to infidelity. Those skinny dweebs are still cheating on women!

So marry the hunk. Even if he doesn't stay 100% faithful to you (just like the skinny guy didn't) you'll have better sex and all your girlfriends will be jealous.


Hey, I'm a pretty big guy 6'3 260 about 12% bf and I am married. I think my wife is hot. Why do people write shitty articles like that?


The survey asked COLLEGE AGED girls??

No offense to ANY ladies here (Vixens or lurkers)here...but..

Do college girls even KNOW what they want?


"Women really associated the extreme levels of muscularity with high levels of narcissism and self involvement,"

And what... may I ask is wrong with narcissism?


Also, "325 college-age women" are going to have notions that are heavily influenced by what they see college-age men doing on college campuses. College campuses aren't exactly breeding grounds for commitment when it comes to relationships.

Talk to those women when they are 5 years oout of college and in the "real world," and see what they are interested in then.


The study means nothing. Anyhow, it wasn't just about muscular and in good shape. It was about being extremely good-looking, supposedly making the women feel that such a guy would be much more likely to cheat.


That's true as well.