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No Machines Workout for Powerlifting?


I just want your opinion about the workout routine you posted in T Nation (the no machines workout).. i started to use it this week , I used to train for bodybuilding purposes. Recently I got motivated to train for powerlifting. I weigh 73 kg male 29 .I use only nutrition supplements no steroids at all . My big 3 is squat bench deadlift 180/145/200 Raw no belt. I know they aint impressive numbers.. but on local aspects here in my country they are decent numbers. My ambition is to get good result in my first raw competition ever. What do you suggest me to do .? I will be very grateful if you have time to give me some guidelines. Ive been training for 3 years only. You gave me big inspiration when u achieve the squat world record.



Amit wrote that one, not me