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No Luck, Stopping Due to Infection


Just started my first week of a 600mg enth cycle. Frontloaded 900mgs the first week, spit my first 600mg shot into 2 shots, then my regular 300mg on thursday.

I have got an infection and am now on antibiotics so I will have to stop.

Just making sure about my PCT, just wait 2 weeks sincce my last inject(thursday) and that should be fine correct?

Ive done one cycle before but have never had to PCT this early. Just making sure its all still the same.


How many injections have you done?


I have done 3, the gear is cypher pharm, and its dosed at 300mg/ml for the enth. I have never even see that before.

All the enth I have seen has always been 250. I did my first inject on monday it was 600mg, split into 2 shots and I used both delts. Now they were super soreee, the next day but I also made the mistake of going to kickboxing after I injected and I thought maybe thats what all the swelling and pain was from.

So I did my regular 300mg shot on Thursday and use ventro, shot went great as normal. Until I woke up with huge swelling on my leg, I mean hugee. I could barely walk, so I gave it 48 hours and woke up and it was still painful and huge but not as bad as it was.

Went to the doctor and just told him the truth he said that im probably having an allergic reaction to the gear, so he told me to take Reactine and prescribed me anti biotics.

On the vials it says the BA content is 0.5 and its in cottonseed oil, so I have no idea, but I'm going to stop. I cant kickbox and I cant workout so I dont really see a point of continuing it. It sucks but what can ya do.

So my last shot was Thursday, so I just wait the regular 2 weeks for my PCT correct? Ive just never had to PCT this early before.


3 shots in, you dont need pct. You arent shut down at all. Certainly nothing that you wont bounce back from.

If you want to use a SERM, do it. I wouldnt though.


Plenty of enth is 300mg/ml, there's nothing at all wrong with that. The enth I brew for myself is never less than 300mg/ml and absolutely 100% painless.

0.05 (I know you don't mean it is 50%) is a stupidly high BA content. WTF? Are you sure it is an actual infection and the gear is not just horsekicking the shit out of you with that retarded BA percentage? Maaaybe 3% would be the highest you should ever see. Anything over that means the producer is almost certainly compensating for unsanitary brewing conditions.

This is EXACTLY the reason I am always constantly unendingly beating the Just Say NO to UGL drum on this board. They are a plague upon our game. Stay as FAR AWAY from UGLs as you can in the future, please!


Thanks for all the help again BONEZ I honestly appreciate it and will take your advice.

Cortes Thanks for the reply, I am in canada so the only gear I can really get is UGL's, but I think after this experience I'm going to stay away from gear in general for a while. Shit was pretty fucking scary to be honest I had a pretty good fever saturday night and the pain was so bad I did not get to sleep until 7am sunday morning. No exagerating I would sit down on my bed and have to pick my right leg up from under my knee and place it on my bed, it was really that bad. Its 4 days later now and I still have a terrible limp and cant go to the gym.

This is word for word what it says on the label on my vial "Contents: 300mg/ml of testosterone enanthate benzyl alcohol preservative 0.5% cottonseed oil carrier".


If it has the percentage sign next to it (".5%"), it is half a percent. So, 0.005


That doesn't make much sense, either. Sounds like this is one more piece of shit UGL. Probably some fatass brewing his gear in the same bathtub he uses to shave his balls.


5% is ALOT I use 2% in all my brews, I do not have any issues with pain or infections on myself or anyone else that uses the same stuff
0.5 which is 50% and is stupid, that amount of ba would be a killer if thats really the case its no wonder you cant shoot it. I doubt thats the case though,sounds more like a fabricated number by who ever mixed it up and there may be a high ba content.
try taking an anti inflammatory like advil or tylenol see if it helps a little

like cortez said 3% is the highest you should see, 1-2% is a good amount of ba if its I have seen a few ugl that used 5% you cant find these anymore and they hurt like mad, they used the high BA to compensate for being made under dirty conditions, also the higher concentration test,if using poor quality powders tend to crash so the UGL uses higher BA to keep it from crashing this is fact .5% (half percent) that would do nothing at all I can speculate that it is 5% ba and its kicking your ass.
all in all stop using "your guy" find a new one.


You should find a new source, or start making your own...

And you should give yours to someone you hate. lol

I have had some painful gear because of high BA, but the BA wasn't as high as the speculated numbers here... My quads used to swell up and hurt for 3-4 days every time.

I can't imagine this.