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No Longer Skeptical of ZMA+Z-12

Let me start off by saying that I’ve been an insomniac for over 20 years and have tried EVERYTHING to attempt to get a good night sleep. I had been lurking on this forum for awhile and decided to become a member when I purchased the above combination in yet another attempt to get some sleep.

I’ve only been using this combination for 4 days now and the following is what has transpired to date.

Day 1:
Took (2)Z-12 & (3)ZMA tablets 90 min. after last meal and 30 min. before bedtime. Fell asleep within 30 minutes (usually have no problem falling asleep…staying asleep is the hard part). Woke up 4 times in the first 2 hours to go to the bathroom (had WAY too much water late in the day). After that I fell to sleep for 5 straight hours (pretty much a record during the work week for me) before I had to get up again. Went back to sleep for another hour before the alarm woke me up (rarely ever do I sleep until the alarm).

Took (2)Z-12 & (3)ZMA tablets 90 min. after last meal and 30 min. before bedtime. Took only 25 min. this time to start nodding off. Woke up an hour later to go to the bathroom. Fell back asleep for 6 straight hours before having to hit the head again. Went back to bed but only laid there as I was raring to get up and go to the gym (must’ve slept pretty deeply in that I HATE getting up before I have to).

Took (2)Z-12 & (3)ZMA tablets 60 min. after last meal and 30 min. before bedtime. Took about 45 min. to start feeling really drowsy (not sure if it was because I didn’t wait long enough after I ate to take the pills). Fell asleep for 5 straight hours before I had to get up (learning how to consume my water intake earlier in the day). Went back to sleep for the remaining 3 hours before being “startled” out of a very deep sleep by the alarm.

Day4: (last night)
Took (2)Z-12 & (3)ZMA tablets 60 min. before bed and 30 min. before bedtime. Seems like it only took 5 min. to fall asleep as I remember nothing after turning the light out. Slept for 3 good hours before getting up. Went back to sleep for 4.5 more good hours. Awoke early (30 min. before alarm) but was well rested and WANTING to get out of bed.

Only been on this for the 4 days but I have experienced a DRAMATIC increase in my sleep (and deep sleep at that as I’m no longer dragging ass for the 30 minutes before I’m off to the gym). As stated in the opening paragraph I have tried everything to help my insomnia and so far this is BY FAR the best combination I have found. It’s not expensive and best of all I have NO foginess when it’s time to get up.

Thanks Biotest for making something that is working!!

thanks for the feedback.

I usually sleep really well, sometimes can take a while to fall asleep 30 mins, but I’m interested in trying Z-12 just to see if I notice a difference.
seeing as how important sleep is, I’m curious just to try it.