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No longer go by Naked Man

I used to go by the surname naked man just because I thought it was bullshit funny,but recently after a post from a fellow t-magger about some weird naked fuck who preyed on men and hung around the gym trying to feel up seven year olds and drank while running around naked in the shower I have sinced chosen Thunderstruck, as in the AC/DC song, and because I like the sound of it. Let me say that when I read that post I liked to have shit,because in no way did I want to be associated with some sick perverted shit. By the way if some shit was to ever do the things that were mentioned in the naked man post I would probably rip their cods off and make them eat them all the while hoping they choke. I have a lot of respect for the fellow t-maggers, and t-vixens such as Joel, Nate Dogg, Mufasa,El Machinae,Patricia,Ko,and space boy Monkeyboy Eric among others that I without a doubt would not want anyone thinking I was anyway associated with the Naked Man on the post. This has bothered me for a couple of weeks because due to my respect for the people on this site I certaintly never want to beconfused with a sick immoral fuck such as was portrayed. I’m still here just under the name Thunderstruck. I will continue to love T-nation and look forward to reading many more posts and adding a few of my own. Take care and thanks for letting me get this off my chest. Full blown T-MAN,THUNDERSTRUCK!!!

Don’t worry about it.

T: Thanks for the compliment and the “heads-up”…

Yeah…there are a LOT of sick people out there…it’s scary sometimes…

By the way…the nic is cool!

I agree with you. You have to put alot of thought into choosing a screen name as not to convey the wrong impression of yourself.

Good move my friend. I posted under RYANO for over a year, but found that many Ryan’s are now on the forum. Poohbaya is simply a derivative of my HS nickname: winnie the pooh, pooh, or poohbear. Don’t ask why I was stuck with this.

thunder, i posted the story about “naked man” a few weeks ago. im sorry if i caused you any grief over the whole thing. as far as im concerned you should continue to call yourself naked man if you so desire. we all know that you are in no way associated with the sick freak that hung around the locker room at my gym.

You mean, ur not THE naked man? Damn, and now that i was so happilly planning to rip off ur balls and make u eat them all the while hoping ud choke on em....

Do you think I should start calling myself gutterslut. Damn I laughed like hell at yours and diesels response. Later

Whoa, that’s crazy. I used to go to a gym that had a weird dude like that in it. I always noticed that I saw him in the locker room everyday running around naked, but I never saw him working out. I thought, “man, that’s kinda weird.” Then I didn’t give it much more thought. Until, one day I’m taking a shower and I turn around and he’s standing behind me, masturbating. I would have kicked his ass, but I was just too freaked out. So, I stopped going to that gym, and he probably kept running around naked.

Dude, by no means should you change your name to THUNDERSTRUCK. You might as well change your name to “A Buck-Toothed Banjo Player.” I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be thought of as a pervert (and nobody’s gonna associate you with the other ‘naked man’) than someone who has lots of sex (at family reunions.)

Thunderstruck, after careful and diligent consideration of your post and subsequent review, I have come to this conclusion; It’s all f’n good. So long as you don’t revert and become Thunderstrucknakedman. Or Nakedthundermanstruck. Although Naked Thunder sounds pretty cool…Hmmm, Naked Monkey Tremor Buster IV…

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