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No Longer Able to Lose Weight


Without seeing how the OP was responding to nutrition and training for a while, I can off hand mention a few things:

1- Are you retaining water from the test? Some people can hold a lot of water from various esters, not sure if the gel has similar effects.

2- I’ve worked with a good number of assisted athletes in the last few years, and I’m amazed that I often have to diet/cardio them harder (lower cals, more cardio!) than most of my natural competitors… Honestly, this surprised me a lot, coming in with my science is science approach -lol



One point though. A pound of non-fat bodyweight only CONTAINS about 350 calories (about 80 grams of protein 8-9 grams of glycogen/free fatty acids) while a pound of fat contains 3500 calories. This is because muscle and fat free organ mass is 80% water. Calories in, calories out do not thermodynamically equate to bodyweight changes if there is a shift to fat free bodyweight.

Usually though, building fat free tissue is energetically expensive, but if TRT is shifting the balance to fat free tissue then weight can rise in a caloric deficit.


I am aware of that exception, but honestly I don’t see the op complaining about gaining non fat weight.

I know he might be purely talking scale weight, but when one doesn’t want to gain weight, they usually mean fat mass.


Agreed, yea, that was my assumption, though he specifically mentioned weight loss not fat loss, and maybe is not aware of the changes in his body.