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No Longer Able to Lose Weight

Hey so I used to lose weight fairly well when i did straight macro counting to lose weight though my carbs were usually high and came from sugary snacks. However ever since i switched to test injections from the gels i was using, i am no longer losing weight no matter how low i go on calories which im currently doing 1600 (macros change day to day but usually hit .8 bod weight in protein and avg 200 carbs) a day with a 2500 refeed day. Im 5’7 185 pounds but was 160 before

Ive done my bloodwork a couple times now and at first I was only low on DHEA which ive supplemented and brought up to be within the recommend range. I have even dropped my estro to see if that would help.

Does macro counting no longer work if you are on test in ejections or is it like an age thing because im 30 now and this was like 2 years ago? I cant really get myself to do low carbs or pure clean eating because im already pissed all the time from the 1600 cals. I usually work out 4 times a week and do about 30 mins cardio each session.

edit: I also started taking an antidepressant which i hear makes you gain weight

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Enjoy being fat then


If your goal is to lose weight and you are not losing weight, why do you need a “refeed”?

The 1600 a day really drains me and having one day to recomp helps. I’m going off a plan a macro coach put me on mostly

Your coach sucks.


How much did you pay for the coaching?

Again with this. If it’s true TRT then it’s just giving you the hormone profile of the average human male, so yes - counting macros still works.

I’ve seen one particular coach here on this site that implements a sequence of stimulus plus dietary modifications due to this.

@The_Mighty_Stu may have some insights or solutions to this.

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Calorie/macro counting always works if implemented properly. Stop with the refeed days and manage your caloric deficit and macros better. Stop making excuses.

Why would it not work even if it’s code for 3g of test? Don’t you just still do all the normal things and hope to get improved results? Seriously asking

Are you weighing your food every day, every meal, to know exactly for sure you’re getting 1600 cals a day? Can you list what you eat, exactly, on a normal 1600 calorie day?


You mentioned most of your carbs come from sugary snacks, that’s a big no no. They should mostly come from starchy carbs (slow-digesting preferred).

Even then, I doubt you are really eating 1600 cal a day, unless you are a 4’11 female who literally sits around 24/7. If I do that, I’d be a skeleton in a week.

You said that you are pissed because you are eating less than you normally did? Sounds like a discipline issue to me to be honest.


Yeah exactly! That’s why I always laugh when people say things like “bodypart splits work better for guys on steroids.” It’s like - yeah, no shit! Everything works better for guys on steroids.


Actually it kinda puzzles me that any of you took his question seriously.

Asking whether macro counting still works on trt would be like assuming there CAN be an instance where calories out vs calories in doesn’t apply.

Like, does trt defy the laws of physics and thermodynamics? Since when do steroid cancel out the fabric of matter and energy? :face_with_monocle:

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It’s also weird to me all the questions about TRT related to getting stronger. Like @Yogi1 said, TRT is to get you to normal levels. Your symptoms are quality of life: irritability, low libido, no energy, can’t sleep, etc. These folks want permission to do steroids, but are afraid they won’t reach their goals and won’t have an excuse anymore, so they’re trying to keep “natural” in their back pocket.

I don’t know why I’m so cranky lately. I don’t mind stupid questions, because I’ve certainly had my share, but I am really quickly annoyed by weak attitudes that seem to becoming systemic.


Also, I don’t know why this person is complaining so much about feeling like shit on low calories.

I just completed a two month cut where calories were low and I was training EVERY DAY in one form or another. And I felt like shit. Oh man, did I truly actually really feel like shit.


I read this for motivation more than for information or a willingness to help. I’m going through a similar thing as the OP. Going to Weigh all food and macro track again - starting today. It was something I’ve done for years in the past and infrequently in recent years.

TRT makes me puffy too, as so many have noted before. No worries, except now my eating is creeping up and it shows.

The OP is on antidepressants. Probably why he feels like crap. No judgement or advice from me there. There but for the grace go I… but lifting can only help. Keep pushing OP. IMHO 1600 cals is girslcout intake. Try doing your own diet design after research.

I tried keto in 2013 and feel the science of fat storage from the carbs>glucose>insulin pathway is valid. So, I eat high fat low carb now, with IF 5 dy/wk as an insulin reset. Cals in is important of course and I also feel the carbs & insulin drive fat storage. So, I only eat whole food and complex carbs… USUALLY!

Lately I’ve been cheating and need to discipline myself better again. This thread has helped. Thank you to all the hard asses here. I’m going to misdirect some of the tough love and use it myself.

I’ll be completely transparent… I went to a TRT doctor so I’d have the paperwork to do steroids. I work offshore for 3 weeks at a time and my bags are scanned every time I go out and sometimes searched… but I don’t use weak ass excuses for not making gains. I take 100 mg of Test twice a week and I’m happy with that and with the results I’m getting. But I never advertised that I was natural as an excuse for not making the gains I wanted before I started and I damn sure don’t say I am now.

Food for thought… if you’re genuinely doing TRT because you miss feeling like you used to, it’s often a sign of aging. Difficulty in losing weight is an effect of aging. So what might have worked for you before is likely not going to work as well for you now. You might be due for a change up in how you think about dieting down.

Just my thoughts.

I think that’s fine though. You are doing what you’re trying to do. I just don’t get having one foot in each camp and then asking questions like there is a mystery

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