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No 'LOL' Make Any Other Jokers Sad?


I've posted like 60 times today. I'd say a good 45 of those were funny posts and 10 literally had ME lol...

I know most people don't like me and that DB and Zap are funnier, but for fucks sakes people, who do I have to blow to get a 'lol' ?

I gave Vicomte a lol today.

I have to admit...sometimes I don't 'lol' at DB because I secretly hate him and am jealous of his success with the women...and I don't lol at Zap because he now has a guy with a crayon in his avatar instead of his real picture so I don't recognize him.

Anybody else out there feel bad when you don't get a lol?




lqtm? Is this some way of calling me a big baby ?


LOL, sweetie!!!


mmmmmmmm ! I'm feeling all warm and amusing.




I don't let other people know when I laugh at their posts. I feel it lessens my worth as an interwebz funnyman. At most I will post a terse statement recognizing their cleverness.

If I may be candid, I also am deeply affected when people fail to realize my comic brilliance.

For the record, Sen Say, you are a very humorous gentleman, and if I were homosexually inclined, like, say, Dollarbill or Renton, I would happily toss your salad.


LOL! (feel better?)

Sometimes, I get a little bummed when a post that I think was comic gold doesn't get a LOL, but I'm usually satisfied with knowing I made myself laugh.


I'm damn near in hysterics that a mocking thread I started has failed to post in the 8 hours since I posted it. I'd tell you what it's about, but you'd probably steal the idea before I can get liquored up and re-attempt to post it...but..it'll never be as funny as the first go-round...fuckers...I'm gonna try not to let it ruin my weekend...


Sometimes I deliberately don't LOL at something because I'm trying to fuck with the poster's ego.


Same here, but goddmit sometimes the constant sound of crickets chirping is depressing...

NOW...tootles laughed at me AND called me sweetie...where oh where are the rest of the t-hawties and when will they commence throwing their lingerie at me a la Tom Jones ?


I found this very amusing.

(See, I'm trying to be better.)


Evil ! Mean ! Your emerald slippers will someday be all that's left of you my pretty !


That's very similar to my philosophy about sex.



Now will you tell me what TQLM stands for !?!?



This is what I do most of the times.

Laugh, but Not out Loud.


Hey asshole, I have to write fucking stories before people laugh at my posts. Quit your bitching.


This thread is going to turn into a dick-measuring contest. I can feel it coming.

That's what she said!


how about a rofl or lmao?


Meh, I can't compete with that.