No Libido. What Should my Next Move Be?

LMAO! The “cats” health can definitely affect a guys mood :wink:

But seriously you explained what I was trying to say with better detail. The so called mental issues are not always solvable by mental strategies. The problems are mental but no amount of tai chi or deep belly breathing will fix the issues, fix the hormones and drastic “mental” improvements will come along.

I can get on board with the mindset argument I just don’t believe it’s the cause of long term issues, it is only transient. Going years and years practically impotent is not down to mindset. Unless maybe you live in a nut house and completely disconnected from reality then ok.

Try PT 141

yea again, just go back to when u were 13 or 14.

I had all kinds of emotional roller coasters. Wanting to be a rebellion at school yet wanting to make something out of myself so I didnt know what to do. I wanted girls but i didnt know how to get them, I felt depressed, anxious, aggressive, happy, sad, mad, crying, not crying, all kinds of weird thoughts depending on the day.

However, libido was insane due to optimal hormone levels, boner all day long and ALWAYS having sexual thoughts. Stress or no stress, anxious or not anxious, sad or not, eating my momas dinner that day or not.

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Yup I remember.

“Damn I am going through a loser phase, I don’t have much friends this year and the ones I do I don’t have classes with, I haven’t had a girlfriend for years, I am a teenage virgin, I got another F on my report card my parents are going to kill me……. Oh shit the girl in front of me has a short skirt on and I can see her upper thigh!!! :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:

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I had a similar issue, libido was off, orgasms felt crappy… HCG fixed all of that,

That’s exactly why I am saying. I’m not going to argue or speak in absolutes, but you really need to research more before nay saying. Just google “Psychogenic ED” for anybody interested in reality of an aging males life.

@Robroy by the way is the extra E2 libido thing still working? Both you on DBol and your friend on patches?

Works awesome, zero problems.

But im off dbol for now, taking a break, so libido went to crap LMFAO, as im only on test now. Gon add some npp for extra conversion to see what happends.

My friends libido seem to be insane i hear, i need to get my hands on some e2 source.

Damn I want to try this out. Have to get my hands on some DBol, to rule this E2 thing out once and for all. I barely ever rarely take AI and still my E2 is rather low. When I dropped my test recently to 100-120mg a week my E2 measured at 10 after I took 0.125 Anastrozole like 2 weeks or more ago.

Total estrogen was normal range though. The uro was surprise by the result and clarified like 3 times that it was 0.125 and not 1mg.

What about some DBol like twice a week? Sometimes I wonder if daily cialis is actually hampering me by acting as an AI, maybe viagra as needed is better option.

Did you do solo DBol or with test?

What was your e2 on dbol and what is your e2 now?
Mine is 80. Almost double the ref range… so i think e2 is not my problem… only thing i can think of if its e2 related that 80 is way to high for me.

Guys why the dbol? Does that raise e2?

Yes pretty much from what I read it’s the most if not one of the most aromitizing things out there.

It converts into methylestradiol, which is a more potent form. So even though the conversion rate isn’t significantly higher, the metabolite it converts to is more powerful, if that makes sense.

I am like so close to just trying it to just rule all things out. Also the sourcing and safety issues, etc.

My experience is that masteron is one of the best aas to help with libido. I specifically add it for just this reason. If i was to add anything then it would be that.

I read similar things about primobolan too…

Out of curiosity how long for libido to go back to crap after dropping DBol? And did you try to maybe keep a higher end dose of TRT right after rather than dropping to the super low dose you were on?

With test mate

Cialis FOR SURE fucks up estrogen.

I used it every day, cranky joints, libido totally gone, zero, dry, pissing all the time. Dropped it using viagra instead WAAY better

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This can explain why some people feel that they supposedly built a tolerance to it. No point in improving blood flow daily if it may possibly tank some of our E2(libido and overall well being). Small minority most likely but I can see the possible effects they are associating their “I built tolerance, it stopped working”.

Yes it totally wrecked my libido and energy. I felt so tired all day long, SHIT feeling. Never again that shit for me.

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