No Libido. What Should my Next Move Be?

Have you tried pt-141? I have no personal experience but have heard positve things.

Also, the viagra route might help jumpstart things

Side effects suck big time, also it’s unpredictable as to when the erections will start. I kid you not at times it took its effects over 12 hours later, I would just be laying there forgotten I taken it and boners came and wouldn’t go away.

But it does work. I am doing more research to see if there is a way to kind of have a set frequency with it rather than as needed. Something like daily cialis.

I am going to inject some tonight before bed with the mentality that I see my girl tomorrow mid day. Yes that seems to be my window so much further on after injection. Not sure if it’s the dilution process and the amount of liquid used (concentration).

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Definitely get a 5mg/day cialis script going.

I find it tends to get the signal from brain to dick working better. It’s slight though, but will increase your confidence a bit and help with the psychological part.


Laying here trying to sleep with a boner, clearly didn’t go according to plan lol.

PT141 has really given me hope it’s mental and fixable. Then again I don’t have increased libido and I was trying to sleep not thinking of sex.


Drop 0.5mg of Adex 2x weekly, on pin days.
If there is no difference, probably psychological reason is bugging you.

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So you think your issue is something maybe neurotransmittal in nature?

There are meds for hypoactive sexual desire disorder, but they’re only designed for women. Not sure why. There isn’t a med for men yet for some reason. But they affect the serotonin receptors I believe.

I am not sure dude but yeah it did nothing for my libido and want. I was literally half asleep, erections came on.

I can’t figure out the pathway to why PT141 gives erections, but PDE5 inhibitors do jack shit for me at this point in my life. Even when I get that odd libido come on moments PDE5 barely do anything. It seems with PT141 it doesn’t matter what crap I am going through it will give me erections.

It’s giving me more questions than answers, but does give a glimmer of hope something is possible.

Have you tried cock rings? I think at this point some daily cialis and cock ring is the only reasonable solution. Cock rings do help to an extent, when I use them that’s when the PDE5 really shine.

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Interesting because if you search things like low interest in sex or things like that and don’t specify for males, pretty much all the search results default to women.

Not sure if it’s because women are more likely to talk about it while guys feel ashamed to.

Because the 141 is strengthening the neuro signal from brain to boner. Viagra only works with blood flow. Sounds like your boner works, it’s just not getting a strong enough signal from brain. My issue too.

My sneaking suspicion is that if you’re a male and are prescribed a pill to make you horny, then go out and rape someone, is big pharma in trouble?

I don’t know why men aren’t allowed to try. I’d love to get my hands on something prescribed for women and see the effects.

The thing is the times I have gotten boners from it I literally was doing nothing, not having sexual thoughts, or even half asleep.

Something just doesn’t add up that it’s mental. I got no rush or libido or urge to screw a woman anymore than I did before injection. So I really can’t figure it out. I can have a hot women in front of me naked telling me she wants me and nothing, but I inject PT141 and get a erection without any boost to libido while watching a documentary about space.

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You and I are very similar.

I am getting semi decent results with 20mg EOD. Anything more than say, 22mg and any tiny libido I had goes out the window.

One thing I’ve noticed is that marihuana gives me libido. The indicas.

Pretty sure your issue isn’t blood flow related or ED. It’s that mind/boner connection.

I think we’ve been thru this, but quit porn. Try to limit anything sexual from popping up on your social media as well. It’s difficult, but will help.


Marihuana activates the brain’s reward system, like healthy pleasurable behaviors such as sex and eating.


Indeed it does. And honestly, as much as the mass public will tell you it’s not addicting, it certainly is.

Just wondering if Kazuya has that experience (if he’s a pot smoker).

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No always hated pot. You do have a point with porn I think. I been doing some research and am seeing things in where reasonable masterbation alone can be a good thing, we have done it for over a thousand of years. It’s the wild porn addiction and pleasing ourselves to that screwing us up. Especially how with the crazy porn there is you can in general get disconnected from regular penetration which should be the cream of the crop for us.

I also notice one of the problems with my ED is when changing positions. Being on my belly practically means no boner, missionary is out of the question.

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I notice the same regarding position.

Masturbate only w thoughts. If you have to.

Also, you may just need more foreplay w women. Like it may just take longer for you to heat up. Nerves play a part as well, since all this is now in your head.

It’s hell man.

That comment is underrated!!
I’ll expand on it with some thoughts. Because as you mentioned, that aspect will probably get ignored.
OP should take a look at relationships he is basing libido on.
He should also take a look at stress levels in daily life, and also evaluate his rest.
Is he getting adequate rest? Is he burning hard on training, and working hard at a day job, with a lot of life pressures, and then adding pressure on himself with this perceived libido?
I think there are some hints here. He says he has morning wood. Perhaps its as simple as he is cyclical, and those cycles are based on adequate rest. Perhaps he has a busy lifestyle, that keeps him going hard and busy all day. Then intimate opportunities present in the evening, when all of his emotional, mental, and biological energy are drained.
This is going to sound super cringe, but based on the information the OP provided, maybe he should invite his partner out for a nice evening. Knowing he wont feel intimate, spend that time with the partner, doing non intimate things. Then offer her to spend the night. When he wakes up in the morning, with her next to him, if he set the tone correctly the night before, everyone will be good to go. Its much less convenient than being ever ready, but it sounds like he has a late 40’s married guy, drive. LFMGD’s have to put in that extra effort, planning, and ground work. If you figure it out, it can still be explosive. A sloppy joe starter is always a nice kick starter as well.
“I ain’t as good as I once was, but I’m as good once, as I ever was.” And once is usually between 0500 and 1200.
It may be best to manage your partners expectations through out the evening. Give subtle hints about how it is going to end, and how you hope the morning will begin.

“Never waste a hard on, and never trust a fart” - Edward Cole

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My oh my, what is the price a person has to pay for using these substances, lack of libido, pimples, bad skin, damaged organs, down the line, what’s more important to you? To be present, and active with your partner, being healthy, on the inside and outside, and you’re only 32? Stay away from these substances, isn’t it enough that you ready about people that are dying of steroid abuse?? why do we always have to push the envelope…?
Sleep enough, sunshine, a healthy and wide variety of food, and not just the old chicken rice, meat and potatoes diet…does the rainbow only have 3,4 colours?
Be safe…

@roscoe88 @systemlord

Im guessing the above is marijuana? This is one thing i cant seem to stop, have awful anxiety/sleeplessness issues if try do, was a major pot smoker back in the day and smoked a shit load of cigarettes.

I’ve now cut down to from 15 cigs per day to less than 5 and 1 marijuana joint per night.

Im coming off TRT due to needing to have a kid with the mrs.

However, which TRT is safe to get on if going to get bk on after… obviously taking into consideration raise in hemocrit/hemoglobin etc and the massive increase in platelets.

Any ideas?

Some guys can’t perform with e2 over 50, I like high e2 and don’t suffer any negative sides. In fact I hop busses to screw fat chicks when m at 80. You may want to do a very low dose of AI but be careful to not overdo it. If that doesn’t work go see a therapist. You could be overthinking it and suffer performance anxiety

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