No Libido. What Should my Next Move Be?

That’s my worry too and why this past year I been thinking of getting off of T entirely.

I just don’t get “I feel like god” feeling or “my wife can’t keep up with me” with higher levels.

Honestly just based on higher end TRT doses I am scared for my life to actually do a real blast, as I have never done so.

Libido and other well being things aside I also feel as if TRT disconnected me from my mini me.

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What’s the highest you’ve done?

Maybe cycle on and off. I remember when I used to cycle…while I was off, I felt horrible. But when I finally went back on, everything felt great.

I started with serious issues after deca on one cycle and then a couple cycles with tren. I think those two took the biggest toll on me, especially the tren. I think that’s what did the most damage. I would never touch that shit again.

What was the reason you went on test in the first place?

The highest I have done is 200mg per week with HCG and arimidex, standard cookie cutter protocol from a TRT mill.

I went on because I was feeling like shit. Libido, sleep, confidence, everything was utter crap. Got tested and was at TT of 395 and a crashed E2 of <12.

I always say here some of the best I ever felt on TRT is dropping it entirely or severely reducing dose for a bit of time and then a sudden reintroduction. Never can replicate it consistently with dose/frequency changes.

I always wonder if the benefits you and I feel from this are just temporary dopamine spikes and not related to the T actually working at all. Just speculating, I really am at a loss at this point.