No Libido. What Should my Next Move Be?

Cialis decreased ur e2

It was 80 on previous bloodwork.
Double the range.

I will do bloodwork soon to see what is now.
Im very curious.

Just my experience: When I get an erection during the night,(infrequent) I’m aware of it, stirring from sleep. Sometimes it’s from a dream but not always. Sometimes I’m hypomanic/hypersexual(I have bipolar illness). And no morning wood for many years. But I do have libido at least 50% of the time.

As I’ve written in other posts, dysfunctional marriage and now, caregiver for my wife who has Alzheimer’s. Experiencing intense daily stress. The marriage, alone, has contributed to my erectile issues. But back on Test E to help me physically and mentally.

I agree 100% it’s not a stress or sleep issue. Total sexual dysfunction, even with PED5 is not stress or mental. It’s a chemical imbalance caused by trt.

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Not true, it is.

Next time you see someone who’s just scraping by life, one paycheck away from being homeless, eats cheap fast food, always stressed about his life working 2-3 jobs including odd hours. Still the guy doesn’t even need any pills and can go on the drop of a dime in a back alley.

Tell that guy he simply isn’t allowed to have libido and erections. It should be all in his head to not want it. If he argues back that he’s horny you tell him “NO! It’s all in your head! You aren’t horny! You are stressed!”

I posted about cialis giving me low mood and felt tired. Got told it was rubbish.

Any studies to back up whatbyou are saying as ive definitely experienced some negative sides with it with mood and energy.

You’re UK base iirc. Where do you buy HGC?

I’ve never tried it and fancy giving it a go

No sir, I’m actually US based → FL.

I don’t use HCG. I was prescribed in when I first started TRT but it never ‘felt’ right to me. I’ve been on solo T for years with not HCG or AI. I feel great with that. Also, I’ve never had any noticeable testicular atrophy.

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Allow me to dissent. Neither is right or wrong. Probably a mix of many factors, not only out of control TRT. The latter is not a panacea (except for the testosterone-deficient).
You might as well have skyrocketing TT & FT and fail because you do not eat well, are sick or dehydrated for example…
Being obsessed with sex hormone lab results further complicates the problem…

I recently had to cut back my Cialis dose due to the same symptoms, I originally started out at 5 mg and moved to 7 mg. 7 mg daily eventuality made me tired, fatigued and low mood.

It actually felt very similar to when I was on anastrozole!

Since cutting back to 5 mg, my energy is higher, no more low mood.


I started using Kisspeptin-10 and the CJC-1295/Ipamorelin/GHRP-2 blend of peptides and mine is back and its only been a couple weeks.

Someone else told me the same here not too long ago, and they even only took one of those peptides. Any bloating side effects? Or just increased hunger and sleepiness mainly?

I just started so only thing I’ve noticed is I sleep better but feel great all day. Plus an increase in libido. Not a dramatic increase but enough to notice. I work the night beat from 7pm-7am and sit down most of the night and eat like hell. In fact I would put my eating habits up against those people you see riding the buggy around Walmart at midnight to go get more food. I got lucky with genetics and like to lift a little or I’d have to powder up to before I grocery shop.

I’ll be done working nights soon and on day shift which will help my situation exponentially. I can’t get motivated to do anything in the middle of the night on my days off. I feel that contributes a lot to my issues. However, I am very excited by what I am seeing already with the peptides I’m using and I’m taking the lowest recommended doses still. The TRT alone is not giving me the complete results I would like to see.

This past year, libido has been pretty damn low. Especially the past 3-4 months. Almost non existent except in some random spurts that last 2 days max.

I’ve been lowering my dose, I’m at 140mg once weekly. I tried eod in the past and it felt worse, I’m finding similar anecdotes from others that if I skip a week, I actually feel more libido. But that’s also hit or miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Also, no ai for years.

Anyway, I haven’t ran anything over 250 mg in years. Im thinking about going to 500mg weekly with .25mg adex twice a week. I know back in my cycling days, 500mg a week of test used to get me pretty horny and make me feel great.

Has anybody done that? I’m not going to be on that long term, but I might blast and cruise if it works. This is strictly for libido. I am at a point where I feel like I cannot keep a long term relationship, and it’s really affecting my quality of life. I could care less about my physique or strength, I just want to enjoy life. I decided a long time ago, that I rather die at 60 but enjoyed life than to die at 80 miserable.

Has anybody that has had this dreaded issue of little to no libido on trt ever upped their dose, and had a positive change? What dose did you take?

Doing this right now, made up my mind. I am even considering now do I restart at 100mg or even as low as 80mg.

Also along with that week off of T, the initial injection also brings on even more libido. I just don’t know why I never been able to replicate this long term.

It leads me to believe high T and lower e2 is what’s happening, but it just doesn’t replicate as well with AI.

I just think some of us more hyper active, stimulant sensitive, anxiety prone people are not cut out for higher T.

Being hyperactive has it’s benefits, more energy. :smile:

So you’re going to blast some test?

Nope either dropping it entirely this week or going down to 80mg. Will then continue next week at 100mg or maybe at 80mg.

Ok let me know how that goes.

I personally don’t believe lower dosages creates better effects. I’ve been all over the place with trying different things, almost anything you can think of. I think it’s a matter of desensitization with exogenous test. That’s why I’m thinking blast and cruise is going to be better. But we’ll see.

I actually saw a urologist last week for the first time. A complete waste of time because he’s clueless, thinks he’s going to wean me off trt and clomid will do the trick. I’m way past the recovering naturally point. Maybe 6-7 years ago that would have been an option. But he is going to prescribe me test so I can at least be on legit trt. He told me to let my levels drop low, so that it can be legit with insurance, and then he’ll get me on a dosage.

Before I try blasting test, I’m going to give masteron enth at a very low dose a shot. That should be here next week. Also interested in the dbol comments somebody said above, because I 100% believe dbol will work. Any of the three options would be time on time off, for health reasons and to avoid desensitization.

Nonetheless, I’ll chime in on what I feel.

Here’s my blood work last week. 140mg weekly. This was 5 days after injection.

Test total: 760
Test free: 170
Estradiol: 33
Shbg: 28.3

If my estrogen is 33 with the top range at 43.2 5 days after injection, that means that the day after injection, my estrogen must be considerably higher?