No Libido. What Should my Next Move Be?

So libido and erections are the same thing? Or more like one is a derivative of the other with many other factors affecting the equation?

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Hell no, not the same thing at all. Ofc ED can be caused by performance anxiety etc.

However, my own little theory is that if u are horny enough it will override all kinds of performance anxiety as the only thing you can think of is tearin sum up.

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Absolutely agree.

Although i’d take it a step further and state that one who is “horny enough” won’t have anxiety about the whole thing. Just seems those neurotransmitters/hormones overide the anxiety ones (likely adrenaline).

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But what about if I didn’t eat my organic apples from the local farmers market for the week???

Then you saved a lot of money. Organic apples are expensive! :joy:

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Ok right now im on 2g of test and my libido is ZERO and cock is useless with dry tip!

Hahaahha i wish i were one of those who just inject whatever and they super man

Do you have blood pressure or sleep problems?

Naah, blood pressure is awesome, sleep is awesome, blood work is great, zero problems but dead cock

Thats another reason that I stopped playing with AAS. Any time, in the past, I would add a compound or increase dosages my libido went to shit. I could see other guys run these levels and barely bat an eye. Me… BP high, RHR high, libido shit. TRT is enough for me and I find if I just let my levels stabilize in high normal range my libido comes back strong.


Is your trt dose the upper end of where you experience libido, or was there a certain threshold you crossed with aas that caused issues?

I remember being disappointed even on my first test cycle of 500mg. My buddy was talking about how he wanted to bang everything that moved and my libido just died.

Test/tren/mast was a different story though

Yes. I take 140mg/wk split into two 70mg shots of Test Cyp. I recently also added 2iu of Omintrope HGH. I just had my labs done. The doc will likely reduce my HGH dose, but everything is dialed in well for optimization and clearly i’m pushing the limit TOT style (@readalot some data for your chart)

I’ve experimented in the past and anytime I cross 300mg/wk I may have libido issues. The only thing I’ve added in the past that didn’t mess up my libido is Masteron. My libido was usually fine with a slight decline after 6-8 weeks. I would have drawn labs if I intended to continue dabbling.


2g test here, again, libido is hit or miss AF and cock barely works, LMFAO its hilarious.

Your E2 has stayed around that range for as long as your current protocol?

It’s usually from high teens to mid 20s.

You just like the overall like the dose or feel like that’s where your sweet spot for E2 is?

Thanks. Results shared are trough? Will add you when I get a chance.

I’ve honestly never tried to dial in or manage E2 after my first protocol. My first doc and protocol were terrible. They started me on T Cyp, DIM, Anastrozole, and even a low dose of progesterone. I could never get dialed in and after 6 months decided on a change. I didn’t know any better at the time so I started doing my own research. I switched docs and asked to go on solo T Cyp. I figured why take drugs I may not need?

After starting solo T Cyp we went from 120mg to 140mg and that’s where I stayed. At 120mg my FT was a little mediocre, I felt fine, but wanted to optimize. I haven’t had any side effects since starting solo T.


Sooo guys… i got a small update for you.

Since my first post i decreased my dose with 5mg per week. So ive been doing 165mg per week split in 2 injection. And as of 2 weeks ago i have completely dropped my 5mg cialis daily too. And wow! Since dropping my cialis my libido has improved quit a bit! Sensitivity down there has improved a lot! I get aroused more easily. Im still not were i want to be but im very happy with these improvements! Im thinking since I stopped the cialis, im gonna try and up my dose again to 170mg a week and see if improves even more…

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I always thought daily cialis was the way to go, but no after 1-2 days I just am overwhelmed with the side effects for what ever reason they are happening.

In that case I rather take a hefty dose of viagra, feel it for a few hours, and that’s it.

I’m also thinking of buying some viagra instead. But for now i dont seem to need it…
but i always like some laying around. You now when things go to shit suddenly :sweat_smile: