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No Libido, Urgent Help

Started TRT one week ago, this being my second week. Currently on 1ml/250mg of Test E, weekly. I noticed my T was low when my libido was almost non existant, I mean, I will go weeks without the thought crossing my mind. Though erections are fine, just the actual sex drive wasn’t there. I’m a 23 year old mate and very active. These are my lab results, prior to starting TRT.

Testosterone: 8.1nmol/L
SHBG: 16 nmol/L
Albumin: 42 g/L
Free Testosterone: 212 pmol/L

My question is, I’m in the 2nd week, and its towards the end and still feel no difference in regards to my libido, I’m also married but my wife is currently overseas, so I was hoping to get my libidio dialled in before she came back. Any thoughts as to why I’m not feeling anything? I also train 5 x a week, weight training and cardio, diet is in check. Sleeping is good. No alcohol, drugs or any alike. My doctor told me I should be feeling a difference within the first week, but I don’t feel anything. Any help will be very much appreciated.

huge dose, low shbg. Likely very high E2 with that dose and shbg. I am a low shbg guy without libido as well, i don’t know if there is hope for us. but at least you can get your dose and e2 and check. call systemlord here

What is E2?

Please put the brakes on here sir, this fellow is in his SECOND week of hormone therapy. This takes time.


Things are going to take time my friend. Patience please. Don’t change horses in the middle of the stream.


Dude, 2 days ago it was, “I just started a 500mg/w Test E cycle along with Var/50mg daily […] I started TRT, at 1ml, 250mg Sustanon, once every 3 weeks. I have only been on the treatment for a month but then decided, I’m taking anabolics, might as well begin a cycle”

If you’re not clear on exactly what you’re taking, you’re going to get inaccurate advice.


Where did you find that diagram? Loving it.

Also what is the diagram based on? TRT?


So… not addressing your two different cycles at all?

That’s a weird decision.

Bro, what in gods name are you talking about?

Lol. This is not even an interesting way to troll. You need new material.


?? Troll?

(Just kidding. Quite sure)

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Either you’re trolling or you’re legitimately not smart enough to remember what you wrote two days ago. Take your pick.

I dont think its a troll. I really thinks this person is just a certfied grade A idiot and has connections to drugs he shouldn’t and the ignorance to use then without research

Well if that’s the case then it’s probably best that he has no libido. I don’t want him out there creating more of these dimwits for me to eventually support with my taxes.


You’re a straight up savage for that