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No Libido on TRT, Considering Stopping

I have been on TRT for a year now and libido is worse than before I started, getting close to nonexistent. I have experimented with different dosages from 80 mg T-cyp/week to 180 mg/week, as well as different doses of arimidex that got my E2 at various points in the range (upper, average, lower). I have been on HCG and off HCG, on DHEA and off DHEA, I have tried adding in a low dose of Clomid, etc.

Blood work is pretty much what would be considered in optimal ranges, and I am in good physical shape. But nothing makes any difference that doesn’t fade after 3 or 4 days.

Why can’t I get tuned? I am pretty close to stopping altogether, although I might give the transdermal option a try as a last resort.

I know someone will suggest proviron but I don’t want to lose more hair.

Anything else that can be done?

Maybe it’s not physical.

You will find much better information about your problem here:

Forums -> Pharma -> T Replacement

Good luck.

Post your lab values so we can have a look.

Arimidex kills libido for some (me included) and find much better results with aromasin or letrozole.

[quote]VTBalla34 wrote:
Post your lab values so we can have a look.[/quote]

Here are the results of two different tests over the past 6 months. Similar except for E2. Didn’t feel any difference in libido between the two tests:

TT = 1150, 1200
bioT = 332, 416 (range 110 - 575)
E2 = 27, 11 (Quest sensitive, range < 29)
SHBG = 40, 36

I’m worried changing to aromasin will make my hair loss worse (it is metabolized into a strong androgen and is known to have hair loss as a side effect).

pick which one is more important to you

Could be prolactin. Could be catoclomine imbalances. You could try things that will increase dopamine. That would take care of both.

If you otherwise feel in good health, you could try some herbal supplements that are supposed to increase libido. Yohimbe, Trib, Maca, Muira Puama, ect.

I tried a couple of things to increase dopamine (cabergoline, mucuna) but they didn’t make any difference. Also Maca and Trib, which didn’t help.

In any case, I almost kinda feel that having to take herbs for libido kind of defeats the purpose of being on TRT in the first place… :frowning:


High dose 100:1 tongkat ali extract is a god send for libido.

Where is the lab work?

I recently switched from androgel to Tcyp injections. My libido is decent with Tcyp, and my T levels higher, but my libido was much stronger with androgel. Many believe its a result of Androgel aromatizing into DHT more readily (as well as E2). I have a btl left over from my switch
and have tried it a cpl times to confirm this.
Have your DHT levels tested next round.
Good Luck.

You are correct on the DHT. DHT is mission critical. My FT and TT levels are very high, I assume that my DHT is high as well, not tested for a while. I tried to track down DHT cream which used to be available. But there is no FDA approved supplier now so compounders cannot get the material.

The main point is that DHT is mission critical for libido, as well as sexual development and virilization.

Transdermals cause more DHT and E2 to be made in the skin and the more skin area covered the greater the effect. T–>DHT seems to increased with increased hair follicle density, but it is hard to find data on that. Transdermals can create higher libido than injections/pellets, patches etc. But 90% of the T is wasted and the costs go up, and T–>E2 is higher, but AI should be able to manage that with higher doses.