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No Libido. Ever. Undetectable Progesterone?

In my long battle with TRT I still have no libido no matter what I do. I’ve tried low and high doses, frequent and infrequent injections, prop, cream, HCG which unfortunately gives me gyno, etc. My labs are always good. Over the years I’ve had my total T anywhere from 500 to 1300+, SHBG is healthy constant at 35, e2 is always at a good ratio, dhea-s levels are good, thyroid function is great, etc. Dht is always upper normal. Prolactin is usually upper end of the range but lowering it doesn’t seem to help when I experimented.

I ran more extensive labs this time around to check adrenal function and:
DHEA s: 311 (Range: 138.5 - 475.2)
Pregnenolone: 31 (Range <151)
Progesterone: <0.1 (Range < 0.5)

What does this mean? From everything I read, I should have some sort of Progesterone level, and not having it would be a sign of adrenal insufficiency. But, my dhea levels are great, so clearly I’m producing enough pregnenolone from the adrenals, but none of it is converting to progesterone.

I’m still in my 30s, issues with erections would be one thing but literally NO sexual drive whatsoever in my years on TRT is not normal and completely ruins my life and relationships. I’d try coming off but my levels weren’t great before and I’ve been on over 7 years.

Calling on anyone with experience in this for help, @highpull or others have you ever seen anything like this being the cause of no libido, and either way, what are the fixes if nothing seems to be working?

Looks like my levels too. I’ve never had prog tested, but dheas and preg

Preg converts, so get some sublingual and see how you feel.

Could try prog cream. It’s available over the counter in the US.

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I have never given a man progesterone. I know about Depo Provera, and giving it to men. It’s medroxyprogesteone, a synthetic progesterone.

I do not know how men would react to even a low dose. All of my information states do not use it. I think I would try pregnenolone over progesterone.

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Thanks for the advice as always

What medications and supplements do you, or have you taken?

Did you go on TRT because of this issue, or did it start while on TRT?

I’ve tried a lot of things over the years. Currently just D3, C, and fish oil. I never had a problem with libido but I had occasional erection issues before TRT. I got on because my numbers were low and I had fatigue and anxiety and other issues. Right now I feel my erections would be there if I had a libido because I still get morning wood if I’m dialed in. It’s been almost 8 years and I had libido year one and that was it.

Have you tried HCG? I’ve heard good things about it possibly helping with libido.

Inject 200mg/week in whatever injection frequency you want and your libido will be back in about 12 weeks (maybe sooner). I have several friends in real life who didn’t have any libido for years that it works for.

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I did @dextermorgan plan above at 200mg/week for 2 months consistent, then scaled back to 150mg/week instead (daily injections) only because I couldn’t sleep on 200mg/week, and now I have libido and random boners which i didn’t have before and am banging daily or every other day with no Cialis/etc for the last 2 months. I tried 150mg/week before but likely wasn’t consistent enough as for some reason it works now. It’s still early stages but I went a year and a half with no libido and ED and this is the first time anything has worked. Not sure if soaking my body with Estrogen from the high TRT dose of 200mg/week for 2 months had something to do with it but fingers crossed my libido stays this way.

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Immerse yourself into nothing but sex, and train your mind to seek it out. Instead of reading or watching politics or sports, read erotic stories, watch porn, and start pussy hunting. Saturate your mind with sex. On instagram? Only look at pics of women, and get specific. Braless, camel toe, mature, blah blah. Step in to that world.

Hey good to hear about your libido @hercules. I’m mostly a lurker, but post ever so often. Same issue, 1.5 years on this attempt at trt. Tried everything except 200mg for multiple months. Coming off testosterone cream which wasn’t great for me, excited to try the dextermorgan regime. Hope it works. Otherwise I become a workaholic and retire early on a beach lol.

To @oxs22, I feel your pain. I’ve done trt a total of 2.5 years, and haven’t had a libido since college. It died way too early, my testosterone was rock bottom but the docs wouldn’t give me medicine because I was “too young”, finally got on at 27 for a year, took a year break after losing my provider, and switched to defy. Here’s to hoping we both find the answer.

I’ve always thought about doing this. Blasting 250-300mg and see if i can lock in consistent libido, then slowly titrate down.

i thought it was wishful thinking but that actually worked? Interesting

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For the record (for those that read this later on) 2 months is where the good shit starts. It’s another few months before you experience everything and your body works out the kinks. Just in case anyone was under the impression that at 2 months you’re where you’re going to be.

Interesting, Im back to 160mg after a few months of 175mg, I think Ill give 200mg a try for my next protocol.

@dextermorgan I know you said it took 4 months on that protocol to feel libido rage. How long were you on TRT before you costed a 200mg dose through the “estrogen normalization” period?

Started on 220mg/week with 1mg AI for 6-12 months (during this time I lowered AI dosage in increments down to .15 every 3 days) then went to 100mg no AI and every 2-4 months went up 20mg until I hit 185mg which is where I really started to notice a difference (after 2 months on that dose). Stayed there for a long time and tried different injection frequencies + sub-q/IM. Settled on daily IM and eventually went to 200mg which is where I feel best.

Not sure what “estrogen normalization period” is.

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Thanks for the advice @dextermorgan and @hercules987 for sharing your experience. Also @pagan_grappler good luck with your new TRT protocol, I hope we both get the results we need. I tried replying to you guys individually but this site seems a little buggy.

Isn’t this the opposite of what you’re supposed to do? Most guys say that kind of stuff desensitizes you to real interaction.

Just what I’ve heard “waiting out feeling like crap on a high dose” called before. Perhaps not a thing, but it stuck in my noggin.

I erased my comment by accident, anyway if you allow yourself to let those images sink in, your mind will recognize a nice piece of ass when it sees it, and your desire to get laid will be triggered. Dont spend hours jacking off, just immerse yourself into sex. Free T has a lot to do with it too so its something to look into.