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No Libido After Tren Ace Test Prop Cycle

I done 24 week tren ace test prop 100mg of each EOD I been doing hcg 500iu twice a week during cycle , I’m one week into PCT and my dick works but I’m not horny at all my balls are pretty big
i been taking 20 mg nolva and 50mg clomid daily
what should I do I want to be able to get horny again I have 0 motivation to chase females
should I go and get blood work done right now or wait till I’m done with pct ?
i ordered hcgenerate and phytoserm today
I’m only 20 years old please help me out I know I made huge dumb mistake

please give me advice and your thought

i lost track of time I would have came off of roids 3 months not 6 months
sorry if I’m not writing properly English is not my first language

I ordered more nolva + torem today too


Definitely drop the clomid, it’s known for causing libido problems, and SERMs don’t stack well anyway. Just run Nolva at 20mg a day for 8 to 10 weeks, then get blood work done, because you could be fucked for life.

Just who the fuck “accidentally” runs tren for 6 months?


24 weeks of Tren A.


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must’ve been a weird morning for you. “Hey, what’s the date today? Shit! I’ve been on tren 3 months too long by mistake! Silly me.”

a 6 month cycle will be a bitch to recover from. Good luck!

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@AndyJones1992 dude you’re looking scary in that new avatar!

Lol thanks mate (ile take that as a compliment…)

Ironicaly im also mid Tren A Test P blast and training weights twice a day… Dropped carbs and upped fats with no “cheat” meal for 3 weeks is producing a better look too…

If I can keep getting leaner but still produce pb’s on the big lifts every session like I am at the moment, and dont stall, im gonna look at adding a littlr slin.

6 months??!.. I did one whole year of tren, non stop! haha! Guess what?! Super low sperm count! Never got libido problems, but I’ve made my choice, I’m on test for the whole life, so… I always tell, roids are for whole life, you don’t do 6 months of TREN and create expectative of being horny right after this shit! Incredibly supressive! Its hard to say, you’ll need to give more time on nolva and wait, wait… wait…
I don’t play with tren until I decide to compete again, too harsh on my body, vulcanic acne, since I’m prone to… I can keep same conditioning and size using bold/ primo…

Wait man, you’ll need to wait till the body stabilize it. You can do blood work right now, but I’d wait 3 months + or -… for parcial recovery! haha… sad but true.