No Libido 3 Months After

So I did this cycle of–

450mg/week Test Propionate for 8 weeks
40mg ED Anavar for 6 weeks
0.5mg Arimidex EOD 8 weeks


Nolvadex 40mg 1 week, 20mg 2 following weeks.

I gained alot from the cycle, alot of strength, lost fat and gained a good amount of muscle. Ended up at a leaner 210lbs than when I started at 193lbs.
Lost a about 8-10 lbs during PCT, but almost all of it came back during the first month after finishing. Balls grew back to normal size and libido was very good and stayed that way for over a month after PCT. (After PCT I got a great deal of back acne that I’ve treated by taking alot of Vitamin B5 etc)

Then shit started to happen. I got the flu followed by throwing up sickness, was laying with a huge, huge fever for almost a week. I lost 17lbs or something during that week, and I really struggled to put it back on the following week only to end up sick once more. (I was working alot, had alot of shifts at work, including a 41 hour work weekend)

Following that I’ve gotten alot of it back again, about 12lbs. Strength and size is again good after some hard work but along with that I notice my libido has simply dropped and dropped.
I started doing 450-500mcg/day of GHRP to aid in the recovery and maybe restore my energy and therefore my libido also somewhat.
But the other day when I was gonna have sex with my girl I just totally switched off, I could not get my dick to function. Barely got it up, finished and since then I have nearly no sex drive.
I wake up with a boner some times, it can even be a really hard one. But it’s really unreliable and right now I’m sitting here and it’s like girls do not interest me at all.

What the hell? I mean, being that I get boners while I sleep etc. Could it just be a mental issue? I also feel like my testicles are a little bit smaller than normal, could it be that I got a serious shutdown/relapse from the 2+ weeks I was sick?

IMO, I think you should’ve tapered off using test vice Nolvadex. I know some people advise it, but I’ve tapered off using both Nolva and Test and I feel I recovered better when I used test.

Your PCT protocol was pretty light on the dosage/duration bro. Standard is 4 weeks of nolva at 40/40/20/20 per day per week

Did you use research chem nolva, or pharm grade? Research chem is mostly underdosed, so on top of your short PCT, that could be your problem

Hmmm… Well, I used pharm grade Nolva. In retrospect the PCT was short, yes. The funny thing is that I recovered and stayed that way for a month before things got shitty. Could be that I’m just mentally and physically burned out from all the stress, sickness and stuff following after the PCT. Hard to say. If things do not improve, I’m gonna get some bloodwork done.

I tapered off the test a bit coming off as well, but it was hard seeing I was getting them in ampules of 100mg the last 3 weeks (pharmacy stopped taking in vials for Testolic-ampules). That could’ve been done better as well.

Could perhaps the GHRP-6 be inhibiting my libido? If so, that’d be strange though. I can’t seem to find any info on the subject either.

[Theory]: If I remember correctly nolva has a half-life of 10+ days, which means that even after your last tab it would have been active in your system for 2-3 weeks, upping test levels; after a month it would be all gone, and you would crash

Anyway, your best bet is just to get bloodwork done, its easy

Wasnt the half life of nolva around 8 hours?

10 days…I dont think so. If im on cycle and need to take nolva I need it every 2 days to keep sides down doesnt make sense with that half life what so ever.

I mean if half life was 10 days…why would ppl take it daily and prescribed daily?

Makes no sense

I doubt the half-life is 10 days. Maybe it takes that long to establish stable blood levels?

Taken from MIMS:

“Half-life. The elimination half-life of tamoxifen is estimated to be five to seven days, and 10 to 14 days for N-desmethyltamoxifen.”

Yeah, the halflife can be from 4-9 days, in any case that may have been what happened.
If I find out my T-levels are low, would it be advisable for me to run abit of Nolva or Clomid?
Seeing as Nolva has a chance of suppressing libido, would it be a better alternative to use some Clomid?

I was in the same situation as you after my first cycle, and 5 weeks of nolva at 40/40/20/20/20 per week restored my HPTA and natural test production (confirmed by bloodwork)

Either nolva or clomid will do it

Yeah, this has low test written all over it.

How long did it take you to recover? For me it’s almost like it’s getting worse and worse. I started taking some Nolva a few days ago (20mg day), along with supplementing Mucuna Dopa, ZMA and such.

Is there anything else I can do? hCG would be out of the question, right? I’ve been on GHRP-6 for a week and a half now, should’ve though that’d help somewhat, but no.

hCG wont help you now. I think you should get bloodwork done first off, to identify the problem. Then if it comes back as low test, honestly I would just run the standard PCT protocol: 40mg per day for 2 weeks then 20mg per day for 2weeks.

What does your diet and supplementation look like now? Are you ingesting enough Zinc and Magnesium?

You say you are getting really stressed out… ZMA and some other minerals/vitamins are a good addition to helping recover from administration of AAS

I have been through this and tried many different recovery strategies. Nolva, clomid, AI, test taper - none worked. Eventually as a last attempt I did 8 x 2500iu of hCG every other day, 20mg nolva a day (45 days), 100mg clomid a day (30 days). All commenced on same day - worked a treat.


I simply ran a week of Nolvadex 20mg/day and took some Mucuna and now my libido is better than it’s been in a long, long time.
I get boners simply being touched by my girl now, and it’s very, very hard to even get it down at times.
GHRP-6 is kicking in too, and solid gains in strength and size are occuring.

Be careful that you dont just repeat your failed earlier PCT. I would run the nolva at 20mg/week for 5 weeks total at least if I were you, especially if your not going to get any bloodwork done

I had one guy here with low libido after a cycle, he had never used anastrozole before, suggested 0.5mg/week and that fixed the problem in that case.

Things like sleep, stress, and diet can effect this too. Dont always assume its the sauce or lack there of.

Hey man I seen your post and seems like you know what your talking about I ran a months course of oxy 50mg and didn’t know about pct Iv been shut down for two months Iv just started running nolvadex 20mg a day …if you could advise me I would really appreciate it I had my bloods done and they are in the range but my test is on the lower end 317