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No Liars Allowed....REAL Squat 1RM

Okay everyone, just curious. Post your current 1RM squat along with height and bodweight.

I’m talking a real squat… you know, like all the way down and up.

I’ll go first–

Weight 190lb
height 5’11"
squat 305

I ssssuck. My weakest lift for sure.

Ok, for what it’s worth:

495lbs x 1
@225lbs 5’10"

I believe I can hit 495; I did an easy 475 recently. But since I haven’t actually done 495 yet, I won’t say it’s my max.


Why are you asking this?

I haven’t maxed since my last meet.

I’m working off an estimated 335 max.

so 335X1
6’1" 175

Dammit, why couldn’t you ask for deadlift? Oh well…

Max Squat: 525x1

Height: 6’4"
Weight: 268 lbs

And I would do a 1RM because?

My best is 110kgs for 20reps. I’ve never done low rep squats.

I’m 6’3" and 93kgs.

335x2 @ parallel
5’7" when I weighed 150lbs

285 for a single to parallel (top of thighs level). I don’t get anything out of full range back squats.

6’3 215lbs.


max squat - 375.

not bad but rather pathetic considering Im 5’7. I should be able to squat more Im just lazy sometimes.

haven’t done a raw max in a while but its around 550 (525x3) but my suited max is 635


1RM: 290
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200ish

[quote]Sxio wrote:
And I would do a 1RM because?

to see how strong you were or to win a powerlifting meet… why do you ask?

I for one can front squat 455 lbs olympic style. I can back squat, with a safety bar, 635 lbs.



squat: 345

505x3x2 NO NO NO style, raw and hams to calves

722x1 in Titan Centurion in USAPL

5’7" 235

243 lbs (skinny)
-squat max 600 lbs x 1 in 9/2005.
USAPL meet. see avatar for depth.
knee wraps and loose hard core suit (loose = i can pull it on myself).

-405 x 10 last monday (strained MCL doing it…weird)



330 x 1

umm, never done a 1RM for the squat but my 3RM atm is 255 (it wasnt a max effort, just part of an 8x3; i did 255 for the first 2 sets then lowered it down for 245 for the last 6 sets).

anyone take a stab at a 1RM for me?

probably 270 then??? i could be and probably am wrong…i am 5’8" (altho i like 5’9" better :wink: and weigh 184 (i have recently jumped up from 177 over the last few months, most of that in my legs, bout fkn time too) lol

anyway, that was too much rambling so ill shut up now

looking at this thread, i am a weak cnut


420 to parallel(10 days ago)
325 ATG(about 6 weeks ago)

I’m too much of a pussy to try a 1RM squatting without anyone spotting me (even though I use a power rack).

My best is 3 reps with 400, low-box squats (new PR last week).