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No Legs on UFC Fighter


Watching UFC 100 I saw this guy and couldn't stop laughing. His name is Jon Jones big upper body no legs. I know he's a fighter not a bodybuilder but still, it's funny...


Yeah, anderson silva has like HUGE wheels and that guys sucks.......(veiled sarcasm)


Is this thread serious?


no, hence the laughter


That is not a big upper body.




true, but compared to his legs. you guys are no fun


you're about as fun as a legless man in an ass-kicking contest



his upper body is big?


LOL Oral rape.


And you're about as fun as Holy Mac in a planet fitness.

Oh wait...

(Holy Mac is gonna hunt down and kill me, but this is too much fun)


LOL. He's never gonna find P.E.I. DUH!


Guys you do realize this is a bodybuilding website no wheels or gunz equals suck.


Do you realize that fighter, who is paid to fight not pose, isn't trying to be a bodybuilder?


Iv seen more meat on a dirty fork!


I don't think we quite share the same sense of humor.


If ever, in the history of this site, there was an occasion to use the phrase "functional muscle", this would probably be it.


For an undefeated (9-0) pro fighter, who's 6'4" and has to weigh-in at a lean 205, yes, it is.


Exactly like my friend lulz, smallest ass calfs, all the girls rave wishing they had small legs like him (no lie)


On a related note, I saw this guy and had to laugh.

No way he could lock his legs to secure a triangle choke.

I know he's a bodybuilder and not a fighter, but still... funny... yes?

(Just to clarify for the slow, my panties aren't in a bunch about this at all. It's just a kinda lame pot-shot at a guy who's apparently very good at what he does, even though he doesn't measure up to standards being applied to him for zero reason.)