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No Kickstart, Just Longer?

The classic 4 week Dianabol kickstart on a 12 week test enth cycle.

I was wondering if it would just be a good idea to simply extend the test another 4 weeks, or however long you it takes to feel it?

No extending the cycle another 4 weeks won’t make a difference. The dbol is used to get the immediate effects whereas without it it will take up to 4 weeks to fully appreciate the Enanthate. Some people advise front loading using 50-100% higher dosage for the first week or even 2. For example on a 500mg a week cycle you’d hit 1000mg week 1 and then 750 week 2 then 500mg weeks 3-12.

The theory is the higher concentration at the beginning is designed to build higher blood levels faster. You’ll get arguments on both sides for the effectiveness and practicality of front loading.