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No Jobs Anywhere!

Seriously, no one is hiring for someone with my schedule. I don’t know how you all do it; well, maybe I do. My schedule involves classes m-f only up until about 1 o’clock; I’m free the rest of the day. The problem lies in a few things: 1, this is a super small town, 2, I’m only here for 2-3 more months so no one hires me for that long, 3, I won’t be coming back after this semester.

It’s really annoying me as I want a job so badly but nowhere is hiring (I’m not joking, all jobs on campus that i’m qualified for are full, i’ve even gone to places like McD’s and they won’t even hire me, a near graduate college student!) It just bugs me, everyone here says just get a job, but that’s easier said than done when you live somewhere for a steady amount of time instead of just 3 months on and off 2 times a year, and also when it’s a bigger place.

Lie. Say you’re here forever and ever.

They took yer jerbs

Never confront a potential employer with what you can’t do, what time you can’t work, etc. They’ll assume you’re a flake and won’t hire you. Saying, “Well, I CAN’T work at/before _____” is not as effective as saying, “I’m available all day every day after _____”.

Nod, smile and answer in the affirmative to any demands made on your time, then work it with them later. More often than not they’re testing you out to see whether you really want the job or not. This pretty much applies to retail, however.

Come to alberta, there’s so many part time jobs you can literally dictate when you want to work , for how long, and for $xx.xx amount of dollars (within reason).

[quote]MikiB wrote:
Lie. Say you’re here forever and ever.[/quote]


The summer before I left for college I was looking for a job and the main thing I focussed on was NOT telling them I was going to be moving in two months. That will fuck you out of a job quick! You might as well not interview if you’re going to “hate” on yourself like that.

LUEshi’s advice is great. Try that and you should have a job soon. Good luck.

[quote]MikiB wrote:
Lie. Say you’re here forever and ever.[/quote]

Yep. Just don’t use it as a reference later.

Also the fact that you live in a small town makes things a lot harder.
I plan to move to London or Shanghai

set up a primium rate phone line and then go to a quiet public phone box and vandalize it so that the tube that conects the phone to the safe box is cut so you can retrieve your money and then just call your premium rate number over and over again.

PS, this reply is for entertainment purposes only, there are a number of flaws with this plan, so please don’t try it.

These days, lying is about the only way to get a job period. So much for Integrity!

There is a difference between lying and withholding information. There is no need to volunteer the fact that you are planning to leave at the end of the semester. For one thing, plans change; for another, your plans aren’t really their business, particularly in a low-skills job for which they don’t have to invest a bunch of training in you.

It’s a catch-22, noone wants you to stay forever, but if you are upfront that you are a short-timer they won’t take you. The summer before my senior year in college I applied for a fast food job. I’d worked there before and knew some folks there but I was going to take 18 hours in the fall so i knew a job was out of the question. I was upfront about the school and that I’d be gone in 2 months and they didn’t take me. It was freakin fast food, not the Space Program.

I think on some deeper level people are insulted that you aspire to something bigger and better if they are stuck there.

When I had issues finding a job (i’m in college also, last year) I wrote articles for associatedcontent.com They only pay about five bucks per article, but in between classes when I don’t have anything better to do, I write a short article, and I write a few more before bed. Since you can write anything anytime, five bucks starts to add up if you work fast enough. Since I can write 10 in a couple hours if I really concentrate, that’s $50. $50 a day, $250 a week, $1000 a month… They pay directly to a Paypal account, so it’s easy to get the money (no bank transfer hassles).

I’ve made about $2500 from them thus far, so they do pay. Just an idea from one broke student to another…

You should write a nasty editorial about how the very low unemployment numbers are hurting women and minorities the most.

[quote]Horazio wrote:
Also the fact that you live in a small town makes things a lot harder.
I plan to move to London or Shanghai[/quote]

London is a gong-show, I made 40k (GBP) there a year and barely got by, brutal.

Also, unless you’re going for some kind of internship/management position, NO retail or service job expects you to stay forever, particularly if they know you’re a student. Most businesses won’t expect you to last six months to a week, depending on their rate of turnover.

I used to work at a place that hired anywhere from 5-20 temporary employees a DAY. If you stayed more than three months advancement was guaranteed; six months you’d be hired for some type of supervisory position making around twice what you did when you started off. That’s how desperate they were for people.

It’s virtually impossible to remain jobless in America unless you have a lengthy criminal record or you’re an illegal immigrant with absolutely no family of any kind. Seeing as how you’re likely neither, getcher ass to the nearest large retailer, tell them you’re willing to work hard and watch yourself get hired.

“Man there are no jobs in this town.”

-“Yeah, unless you wanna work forty hours a week!”

[quote]TKL wrote:
Horazio wrote:
Also the fact that you live in a small town makes things a lot harder.
I plan to move to London or Shanghai

London is a gong-show, I made 40k (GBP) there a year and barely got by, brutal. [/quote]

You must have been living the banker lifestyle with the bar bills that go with it. I have friends there making 25K GBP a year and doing fine.

Alright, question guys. I have 2 job offerings right now, one which is like a dream job, but its shift is probably 9pm-3am, and I have classes in the mornings at 10:20 2x a week, 11 2x a week, and 9:10 1x a week. The other job is from 3pm-11pm, but looks extremely boring, but I’d get all my sleep in. On one hand I want the first job so much more, but the second job just feels a bit more sane in terms of the hours. What would you all do?