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No Idea About Diet & Exercise


I am 23 and a student in grad school. I am going into a pure health profession and I cant stand being the guy who looks healthy but is not really that healthy. I am 5'10 and weigh roughly 182-185 on any given day. I have a body fat % of about 20. I have been doing a high fat and protein but low carb diet for about a month and I have had some minimal results but not too much. I am aware that for most people it takes longer than that so I am not too worried but I really have no idea what I am doing diet and exercise wise.

I recently started to lift 5 days a week and I still feel like its putting on more fat than not. Is there something I am doing wrong? I don't really know what kind of workouts to follow or even what type of diet to follow. I do know from undergrad that I don't do well with certain carbohydrates or foods with a high glycemic index value. I would really appreciate any help that I could get.


read 10 Dan John articles


Google is your friend.


Yes google is very helpful but I have been told so many things and read so many different things that I am not sure which sites to use and which to ignore. I also don't understand things like stalling and how to get around those types of issues. Thank you for both of your help I have started reading Dan john and a couple of other guys. I have also watched the video and will try to find other things of this nature. If you have any other advice I am always listening. Thank you again


Can you get into any more detail about what you'll be doing? Just curious. It's not the most encouraging thing to see someone going into a "pure health profession" who literally has "no idea about diet and exercise." If we could fix that ASAP, that'd be good.

When most people first switch to a low carb diet, they usually see some decent immediate weight loss. What did you weigh last month before you started?

What does your lifting routine look like - the days, exercises, sets, and reps?

What are your exact goals? I'm presuming you want to drop fat? If so, some cardio would be a no-brainer. Odds are your lifting program could use improvement. Your total daily calories could also be too high, even if you're going low carb.

Glycemic index is to food as Rob Schneider is to comedy. Basically a non-issue that's not worth paying attention to.

Really though, there's not much specific advice to give since we don't know what you're doing now. You say you're lifting regularly and eating high protein/low carb. That by itself is a decent template to get into shape, so without seeing the particulars, not sure what to suggest other than look into a program from the Archive and follow that instead of doing your own thing.


you right, my bad.


Oh yes, we've all been there. The contradictory advice problem. I'm afraid I'm going to have to make it worse with one little sentence:
"They're ALL wrong."


Chris Colucci says "they are ALL right"



Comes to the same thing, really, but I have a worse attitude. Thanks for the article.



Actually it kinda depends on what your definition of pure health is but I am actually in school for chiropractic. If believe that if the nervous system is occluded in any way that it causes the body to not function at its level of performance. But I weighed about 185 when I started and finished up at about 181. I was seeing some loss but nothing near what I am used to with this diet and exercise schedule.

I usually do splits, which i know is not typically the best thing to do for cutting weight. But i usually do something along the lines of 1.back/bi 2.chest/tri 3.shoulders 4.abs and accessory 5.Legs I usually do around 8-10 exercises per muscle group. And I have just recently started to add in some sprints. I guess I am just not used to the fat not coming off as fast as usual and was wondering if it was something that I may be doing wrong in diet or exercise. It feels like my body is getting used to the protein intake or maybe just needs more...not sure. I have also taken your advice and started to drop down on my daily calories. Sorry this is late have had 6 exams this week and have 4 next week.


Claudan, thanks for the video.

That pyramid is genius and very simple way to explain diet to fitness newbies. Not only is the concept great, but the actual pyramid itself is spot on.


Hey man, glad to hear someone else appreciates it, but all credit/thanks due to Eric Helms.

Check out his videos when hes being questioned by Matt Ogus, he reveals some fascinating ideas/thoughts.


Stop what you're doing, go find any training program in the Archives, and follow it. What you're currently doing is not right.

Gotcha. I agree that a good crackin' session can make things feel better all over, so no worries.

Diet can be a huge make-or-break factor in seeing results, but in this case, I'm seriously leaning towards a screwed up training plan being responsible for less-than-awesome results.

No prob at all. Good luck with the exams. Focus on those if you need to (maybe with some carbs for brainpower), and get back to this when you can.


Chris thank you so much for your help! I appreciate it all and Clauden i have gone back and watched all the parts of those videos you posted! thank you all for your help and if i have any more questions i wont hesitate to ask