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No HIT Training for Athletes

After coming across DC and its results, i was doing more research about DC training.
I then came across Joe Defranco’s opinion on HIT training, someone who knows as much as anyone about coaching athletes.

Looks like it’s back to the more traditional stuff then…

Hi Joe,

I was wondering what you thought about HIT training? What do you
think this type of training is good for? Have you ever used it on your


A: Hmmm, what is HIT training good for? Um, let me think about this one. My first response would be�?� �??NOTHING!�?? But, I don�??t want to leave you with such a short answer; let me put more thought into answering your question. Here is my Top 5 list of what I feel HIT training is good for:

Hit training is good for�?�

Lazy strength coaches who like to sit on their asses while their athletes are training
Getting injured
Converting �??fast-twitch�?? athletes into �??slow-twitch�?? athletes
Nothing. (Did I say that already?)