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No Hard Feelings


There was a thread earlier where some things were said, that should no have been said. I pride myself on keeping a level head and remaining tactful no matter how angry I get. That was not the case today. I still believe I was justified in my point of view, but my word choice and clear agitation was uncalled for.

For that I apologize.

These forums should be about community not that garbage earlier.

No hard feelings?


I am not sure which forum this happened, but some people here need to be told off. I am not saying everyone, but some people need a foot in that ass, and they need it yesterday.


Sorry, you can't bring it up if you're not going to be specific. I want in on some yelling.


It was in the Stu thread, which was taken down.

I was insulted, I fired back, it escalated further than it needed too.


I'm not sure where my post went?

It was a spat in a thread about a certain poster that may or may not be posting here anymore. The thread was removed.

The point is, I was insulted, which pissed me off. So I am apologizing for my word choice.

It's really not that big a deal.


It's not a big deal, and I think we should leave it at that. I certainly didn't think the possibility of my taking some time away would have the effect it did.



Stu = good peoples.


Sounds like you were being a poo-brain.

See what i did there?


I forgive you.



there's no fucking excuse for an internet personality to use anger and vitriol to escalate a situation.

there is no room for it in our little community or in our busy lives.

you are guilty and will pay the piper young man!

now, drop and gimme 100 Marine!!!!


And that person now knows you're a delicate snowflake.

This is the internet, who cares? Just spam fat chick memes.


But had this apology not been issued, it would have likely resulted in the offended party spiraling into destructive depression and heavy drug-use.


or worse, it may have sent the offended party to a life of self abuse and prostitution in order to fill the hole in his chest where his heart once resided.


I hear they were already half-way up the clock tower, gun in hand, when they decided to check T-Nation....Thankfully this thread was enough to cause them to reconsider.


Depending on where that tower was located that might or might not be a good thing.

Also, I have very hard feelings and personally, I will never forgive the OP.

No real reason why, but if everyone gets to be butthurt, I want to be butthurt too, because it must be fun.


You don't get to be butthurt. You can, however, get your latex lederhosen in a bunch. This may result in butthurt, but none shall be experienced as a direct result of interwebz interactionz.


Thats Europism!


Plus, from a practical perspective, its naigh impossible to get Lederhosen into a bunch.


Practicality is not a factor in any of this.


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