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No Hair


I was wondering that I see so many bodybuilders, and even athletes that have absolutely no hair on their body.
I was wondering how do they go about this?
What are some of the methods to get rid of hair...well other than shaving
And to those of you that are hairy naturally if you do shave, doesn't it get really bothersome with the bristils (sp?)



I have seen guys wax, but nowawadays I am guessing that laser hair removal is the method of choice. I would look into it myself, but it would be very costly for me.


Waxing would hurt as hell..but I imagine the more hairy guys..with longer body hair on chest etc. would trim it down a bit.

I was thinkin maybe for the summer to get all my hair removed..but shaving isn't an option..I don't want my body to feel like my face lol even though it is differnt hair in the face because the roots are really deep in the face, compared to the body...still rather not.

I could get waxing done though..

Anyone use hair removal products like Nair? Does it work..how fast does it grow etc?


I think I am the only anti-anti-(male)bodyhair person out there...Don't do it!



can you rephrase that i just got a headache


IMO body hair only makes a man look manlier, but I guess I am of a small percentage of women. However I understand it is a bodybuilding thing, you want your definition to pop. If you are going to wax at home, buy the hot wax. I have read some awful reviews for cold wax systems. Go to Sally beauty supply and ask the ladies, they will help you. You can microwave it and do it at home. This is the best way if you don't want to be shaving every week or two. I don't now much about nair. The wax ought to hurt, but it lasts up to 6 weeks. Pain=beauty, right? :wink:

EDIT: It is said that waxing actually lessens hair folicle width over time, so your body hair would get slightly less coarse and softer every time you waxed.


IMO body hair only makes me look scruffier (sp?) and less refined. I guess I'm pushing the limits of the metro. I hate it. Specially on my arms. I love having extreme levels of androgens circulating throughout my body but I hate the one side effect one cannot control. My method is using a personal trimmer to get it short if not shaved depending on your machine, NAIR the entire area even if it looks smooth, and use a Mach 3 Turbo for touching up.


Unless you're competing in bodybuilding or are a swimmer, that's pretty up there on the gay-o-meter.


no, it just means we look better than you :slight_smile:

I shave my arms and my torso as well, hair looks good if you are a sloppy fat guy because it covers up your flaws, when you are muscular you have no reason to hide.

That, and I just hate body hair.


is it worth shaving if the majority of your body hair is a light color?


So do you shave your armpits too?
And your calves? Do you shave your calves? I KNOW you get shit for that.


I wax, It hard to get a hold of me when I'm wrestling lol


I hate body hair as well and shave my arms. The only part of my body I don't mind hair growing is my face. If it wasn't for work I would have a crazy beard.


cough metro cough


Someone get this man a tissue.


I do it all for the ladies.


It would be costly for me too. My username comes from a nickname I used to have in school, they called me link because they thought I was the missing link between man and ape.


I shave my back (well I don't actually shave it, because I can't reach).

Chest I leave alone.


while I used to occasionally 'trim' during summer months, I've had to start fully (I mean 'FULLY') shaving a few weeks ago. At first, it feels weird as hell, especially wearing long pants, but when you see the heightened effect of the muscles being so prominently viable, it's pretty damn cool :smiley:



I have hairy traps and shoulders.