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No Habla, No Ballot


If she can't answer my questions without an interpreter she has no right to be in a governmental position. Its bad enough some people who's first language is English and cannot speak it properly and I have to deal with them to get a driver's license.


This made my day.

She is being backed (all her legal bills paid for) by La Raza.

The law is clear, and she was examined by an expert who was accepted by both parties.

The back story on this is long, but she tried to have the mayor of the town recalled because he refused to allow illegal immigrants to bypass laws to receive social services for the fiscally poor town.


A fucking embarrassment to the real Hispanic Americans in this country. I believe this is just another democratic tactic to get the hispanics under democratic control. Here in Texas the real Tejanos do not like them illegals.
To hell with La Raza as well along with Lulac. They are nothing but thieves trying to get gov. grants, I was a member for a while and they are so sleazy.


The is a mayor in one of the small suburbs here outside Los Angeles who does not speak, read, or write English. He is told what to sign and what not to sign.




Oscar Hernandez.

If you are looking for him, he was arrested, after cops broke down his front door. He was a part of the City of Bell scandal, the guys who held unannounced meetings for 1 minute, only to vote on whether or not they should give themselves raises.


What's the matter with everybody? Sonia Sotomayor is a La Raza-ite. You're not gonna say that an organization associated with a SCJ is not thoroughly American? I know nobody's sayin that.


Our mayor was the president of the UCLA chapter of Mecha when he was in college.


Mecha? (jist kiddin, I know what it is) Ours is a hall of fame seven time all star NBA basketball player. Isn't it wonderful? He's actually a cosmic improvement over Kwame.


Isn't it wonderful ?

I don't know.

Our mayor failed the California Bar Exam 7 times, and never actually passed it. Sound wonderful to you ?


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La Raza is the Latino movement for the advancement of their people and only their people. Their motto is "outside the race nothing, inside the race everything." They are trying to influence our Los Angeles Mayor to allow illegal aliens to legally drive. Currently, we do not allow illegal aliens to get drivers licenses, so the law impounds their car for 30 days. But they want the chief to ignore the law.

Here is a video clip of a meeting I attended to voice my disgust for it...

This is the type of influence La Raza has, they can put heat and/or bribe officials.


I would be more than happy to give southern cali to mexico. All those liberals would no longer be a drain on my economy.


The problem with La Raza is...that would not be enough.

Several guys I lift with are from Mexico, they said it is common talk amongst their families about simple out breeding everybody else and taking back the southwest that way.


They truly believe they are entitled to it, and if we enable them by providing them with all the social money they can collect...the easier it will be.


Well, like I say. He's a vast improvement over Kwame. He is by all accounts above board so far and honest which alone is a vast improvement. I believe he actually does have a heart for this city which is also an improvement. We are sort of hanging in limbo with this looming budget crisis so we'll see how he handles that unhandleable situation. My pastor met with him his last week actually. Bing has a good habit of reaching out to community leaders to try and get the pulse of what's going on with the citizenry. He's a local businessman with plenty of experience so that helps with the fiscal responsibilities. Just not being a juvenile delinquent is enough to make me cheer.


Arizona had a majority Latino population until the mid 1950s. It was conquered from Mexico, and inherited a large Spanish speaking population at that time. Immigration in recent history has enabled a now Anglo-Saxon majority to turn the tables on the Latino plurality. Spanish speaks didn't just run the border and appear 10 years ago. They have been there long before the English speakers, and it was the English speakers who ran the border and took over. As so many Anglos seem to fear Mexicans doing.

It is NOT JUST for a region that has consistently been either primarily, and now substantially Spanish speaking to attempt to disempower a culture that has been there longer than those now in power.

Arizona should have Spanish as a co-official language alongside English, just like New Mexico. This bid to systemitically punish and disempower a group of people who never asked to be conquered is BULLSHIT.

Them speaking Spanish doesn't mean you can't speak English or have to learn Spanish. Instead it simply means respecting the culture of a people who have been there in substantial representation far longer than the Anglos have...hence the name Arizona (Arid-Zone or Dryland more vernacularly).

If the Anglos want to rob the Latinos of their rights, after they signed the treaty to take over their land...they are going to quickly learn you can't have your cake and eat it to.

Conquered people don't tolerate being conquered if they are not allowed to live and carry on unmolested. If you think might makes right, then don't get all fussy when Latinos revolt and tear these Rednecks up piece by piece. They will show you what petty is, because remember demographically the future is in our court. If you treat us with disrespect, then soon enough we'll turn the tables on you. You will reap what you sow.


Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo + Gadsden Purchase + United States of America + 2nd Amendment + Patriotism + Christianity + World's Largest Nuclear Arsenal = Checkmate.


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What does this mythical idea have to do with a woman who has shown she should not run for public office because has shown to not be proficient in English ?

Also, how are their rights being robbed ? Specifically, where are you getting this ?

SB 1070 is good, which is why SCOTUS took it up, and which is why Obama shit his pants when they did.