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No Gym - What to Do?


I have been strength training with weights for 9 months now and have had huge gains. I am working overseas for 14 weeks with no access to a gym. How much strength can I expect to lose? And what (non-gym requiring) exercises / supplements should I use to minimize my strength loss?

My stats are:

Weight: 155 lbs

Flat Bench: 215 / 3 reps
Full Squat: 225 / 4 reps
Box Squat: 315 / 3 reps
Deadlift: 285 / 3 reps
Power Clean: 175 / 2 reps


Ok, I wrote a nice little blurb in response to not training for 14 "DAYS" and not 14 "WEEKS" like what you really said. I'm obviously still trying to get started for the day.

So 14 weeks is quite a bit longer than I was thinking but only changes my advice slightly I suppose. For one, are you sure there is no chance of a gym anywhere you can get into? If truly there is no place to go then I think some of your options consist of body weight exercises like pushups, pull-ups, one leg squats, etc. In addition you might want to try some GPP type work utilizing whatever you have available to you. Bring some sort of heavy duty duffel bag you can fill up to make heavy and voila, you have a nice tool you can use for carrying, lifting, walking, etc. If you look up GPP on this site you should be able to find some cool exercises you can incorporate.

Now what I originally posted and is what I think you still need to do is to make sure you also keep your calories up. This will help you maintain what you've accomplished thus far and limit tissue breakdown. You may not gain any strength on your lifts but I don't see why you can't make the best of your situation. I think you can maintain your current strength fairly well and at the same time take those 14 weeks to work on your conditioning. You might be surprised as to how that will help you in the gym.

Good luck and enjoy your travels.


I wonder if you're the same guy I just replied to on Facebook via private message...


Are you sure there's no gym? where are you going? I've seen "gym's" in the middle of nowhere africa.

But if such is the case you might want to get some gymnastic rings and the training manual for them at gymnasticbodies.com. If you can hang them shits up somewhere they will keep you fairly strong.

ANother thing that is a hawt idea is to get a solid sand bag such as the one at ironmind.com or ironwoody.com and pack it with you. then if you are in an area with gravel, sand, small rocks or a beach then you can just whip out sand bag and fill with what ever and perform sand bag lifts. SB training will, as they say, make a man out of you. Pavels book "naked warrior" is also another great resource on lifting sans gym.

Ideally look hardr for a gym. shit there are gyms on offshore platforms.



one leg squats(yeah i know their gross)
Glute Ham raises (find someone to hold your feet)
Pushups (try and find some chains)

if you actually did that seriously and ate as much as you do now you would probably not loose much strength


This is a good guide


Thanks for the responses, and no, Rattler Im not your facebook-guy.

Where Im going is the middle of the desert no gym for 50 miles and no way of getting to that one, at least not regularly.

Ive been getting alot of the same responses, (lift anything heavy and do bodyweight exercises)but I notice no one has answered the other 2/3 of my question: how much strength can I expect to lose? and are the any supps that would help?



Are you going to Israel to work on a farm?


aaaaannnnnyyyybody have supplement suggestions?


Just eat above caloric maintenance and keep your protein intake in mind.




Beef, chicken, eggs, broccoli, spinach, olive oil, nuts, peanut butter, etc...


get old school and do push ups chins

sprinting speed roping

if u can get some sand bags from a home repair store or something and do suats with thing

even clean and press the sand bag


Wow, nice "supplements"


What about classic creatine monohydrate after my "old school" workouts?

Also, just to reiterate, Ill be away for 14 WEEKS, not 14 days.


You will lose up to 90% of your strength. Or maybe none of it. I can't say for you, and nobody here can either. You will lose strength in specific lifts by not performing them (cleans or squats for example) over 14 weeks, but that is not an actual lose of strength, just a form and CNS issue that will very quickly resolve itself. Eat plenty, do whatever workouts you can, and take a glutamine supp.


Why glutamine?


try finding some "clever pills"

x2 what everyone else said



Enough with the sacracstic keyboard commandos serious suggestions only please you're wasting your own time and everybody else's. My question isnt stupid Im an experienced lifter experiencing an odd situation don't treat me like a meathead.