No Gym No Diet What Can I Do?

So I can’t get into a real gym and I can’t eat well right now because I am currently on tour with a musician. I worked very hard to get where I am but I can feel my body already feeling the effects of this lifestyle. I am just wondering what the hell I can even work on while traveling. Food is scarce and I can’t afford a gym on the road so all I have is bodyweight exercises.

Obviously I can’t do anything to make myself look better then I was since diet is a real problem now, but what I’m wondering is what can I work on. I figure maybe increasing pushup counts, try to get up to 100 or so? I don’t even know what a feasible goal for myself would be. Any input would help. What can I do with my body when a diet cannot be kept ie protein will be way too low and have no access to a real gym?

Do curls with hotel chairs, dips off chairs, hand walkouts, air squats (or overhead squat a chair or table?). Get a gallon jug of water at a 7-11 and curl that? Just some ideas

Push ups, sit ups, lunges, dips, pullups, whatever you can find for weight you can use.

Push ups, dips, pullups. There’s tons of stuff, just get creative. Ha, or watch that Ghetto workout video posted earlier lol.

But there are tons of exercises to do.

When I’m on the road and have little time to workout, I do a total of 100 push ups and 100 free squats followed by 25 crunches. I look at this brief workout as something is better than nothing. Consistancy is everthing in staying fit. Good Luck.

You could buy some DB’s like 1 pair and whenever your resting for the day Bust those bad boys out

Like the others said, exercises that use your body weight can be done just about anywhere. Sure you won’t get big doing these, but at least you will be doing something. You can even have someone help out with resistance (such as, having a buddy sit on you while you do push-ups, it sucks and requires your partner to be sober, but it will help).

overhead squats with your suitcase.

i always wondered what i would do if i was going on tour (never know could happen some day)

id probably do my best to track down gyms in whatever city i was on my downtime, then go to a grocery store and do my best to perpare food for as long it would keep.

I hate to say this, but buy one of those Iron Gym things.

Then you’ll be able to do Pushups, chair dips, bw squats, crunches, handstand pushups, close grip pushups, and all different types of chin variations.

Run the stair way at your hotel, I spent a summer traveling with my dad for business, you get creative and you can make it work.

I’m also on the road currently. 1) we’re trying to stay at hotels with fitness centers…better than nothing 2) See if someone has a membership that can let in guests 3) you can’t eat great but you can at least make smart choices for food, when we are on the road subway double meat roasted chicken larges do the job for me

The body weight exercises suggested are all good.

All good exercise advice thanks. How about frequency though? My diet definitely won’t be able to increase muscle mass, let alone prepare it for another workout. But should I try doing workouts daily or 3x a week still? I’d like to hit a personal goal of 100 pushups. The way I figure it, it’s like school sports style, in which I sure as hell got stronger but my diet was shit so you couldn’t tell. But we did do it everyday. What do you guys think. It is concievable for me to do something daily, I do have a little bit of time before traveling in the early morning.

So, is there a particular reason you can’t just drop by a GNC or vitamin world and pick up a tub or 2 of protein?

We literally make enough money for gas to get to the next show and a meal or two.

food-come on bro,I know times are hard,but eggs and milk is cheap,or find a health store that has some protein going cheap.
I don’t care if it’s godamn soy protein,neck it’s calories protein and fibre.
In fact,you can usually get dehydrated soya chunks for like $3-you add water and it swells up to 2/3 times it’s original size,so a half-pound bag becomes 1.5 lbs. it stays fresh.add soy sauce,any veg you can get,and ramen noodles-dirt cheap.
you could go commando-I don’t mean take your underpants off-army style eating?
look up some bushcraft sites?-can you shoot/trap rabbits/pigeons with a catapult or something?
worm omelettes? roadkill? try and run something over in the car?
buy a cheap fishing rod? or a castnet?
pick berries? dig up roots?
If you’re driving cross country a lot,farmers usually have some extra eggs/milk,etc. they sell direct at the roadside,or ask them-strike up a deal-you milk the cows,you keep a gallon of raw milk-potent stuff!!

training wise-here ya go-

bodyeweight training-

the MacGyver workout-

Ghetto workout-

find a park/playground with monkey bars/jungle gym.

This might sound crazy,but I believe you may actually benefit from a break from weight training,and doing some bodyweight training,apparently it recruits more of your CNS (Central Nervous System) and sharpens your mind-muscle connection.
I train clients with little or no equipment,or improvise and work with with what they have or can afford.

It doesn’t need to be a gym or shiny set of weights.
A weight is anything you want it to be-a suitcase,a gallon jug of water-these are great because they have a handle,but anything will do.pushups are great-lots of variations-put something on your back if you want more weightt-a beam or sturdy doorway is a chin-up/pull-up bar.dips can be done anywhere.a large bag of rice is a medicine ball in the right hands.
Find a scrap yard or construction site if you can,that will let you root about,and give you stuff for free or a few bucks.borrow a sledgehammer,whack the shit out of an old tyre.grab an axe and split wood.volunteer to help out with any menial job for an hour-mopping out,washing dishes,etc. at a diner or anywhere in return for lunch.

Concrete blocks are are logs,etc. ropes or bungees/harnesses can be used to climb up or a pulley system set up for lat pulldowns,etc. or use as ‘blast straps’ or for inverted rows,etc.-check out the TRX suspension system for inspiration,or olympic gymnast training.
Sandbags are a great tool,you can get a gruelling workout,and they usually run about $10 or less,and you can stick it in the trunk for the future.
flip some tractor tyres.get out and push the car for a bit…

old school training (a lot of improvisation,including sandbags)-

the possibilities are endless…
The only limit is your imagination!
when your tour is over,get back to us with a new post!! photos if you can!!

Don’t have any good ideas for food, but exercise:

Have someone sit on a couch and deadlift it.
Overhead press amplifiers.
It’s awkward, but find a girl and bench press her from the floor. You have two good choices:
1)Facing away from you, and you have to grab some ass
2)Facing towards you, well you get the idea

Same thing with squats, you can do back or front squats with women.
Clothing optional

[quote]Lordcliff wrote
It’s awkward, but find a girl and bench press her from the floor. You have two good choices:
1)Facing away from you, and you have to grab some ass
2)Facing towards you, well you get the idea

Same thing with squats, you can do back or front squats with women.
Clothing optional[/quote]

Hmmmm…I’ll take that advice even though I have access to a full gym :slight_smile:

Protein powder, fish oil, superfood, a couple jars of peanut butter. There are things you can do to help with diet. Agree on the exercise suggestions. Someone here also wrote a book on challenging bodyweight exercises. There are lots of things you can do outside a gym. I think it may have been Thib. Look into into.

Check out all things Maxwell for body weight and road trip workouts.

If you’re traveling with a musician, doesn’t he have amps or speakers or anything? you could do some shrugs with a guitar amp, grab the van by the bumper and try to deadlift it off of the suspension.