No Gym? Need a Backup? Here You Go

Hey guys,

Ever had one of those days when you can’t get into your gym? Well, I had one of those so I decided to post my “backup gym.”

My homegym is made up from a few cheap parts:

  • 5inch pvc pipe
  • Pullup bar
  • Two cheap 3 meter straps
  • Back pack
  • various objects I use as weights (books, sandbags…etc)

First of all, I tie the two ends of the strap together and loop it over and through itself on the pullup bar and I repeat the same process for the other strap. Sorry about not having a picture, the upload function just never seemed to work for me.

With these equipment I could do a basic workout routine.

Back: Pullups/chinup variations, rows with the two straps hanging from the pull bar.

Chest: Pushups/dips/chest flies all with the two straps hanging from the bar

Triceps: Dips/ extensions with the straps and another variation which I came up with; basically you get into the top position of a pullup and forcefully extend your elbows to push yourself away from the bar.

Biceps: Chinups/ various variation of the curl with a backup filled with weights such as books or sandbags

Shoulders: Presses/ lateral raises with the backpack

By now you are probably wondering what about legs?

I haven’t forgotten about them. To be honest, there are very few exercises that can match the squat and deadlift. Here are some variations for a home workout.

One leg squats
Long jumps
Sprint outdoors!
Wall squats
Jump squats
One leg deadlift
Glute ham raises by anchoring myself under the bed
Calf raises on the pvc pipe

Too easy? Put some weight into your backup and strap it on!

Hope this helps.

Nice job on the improv. Many people would just whine about how they can’t work out, since they don’t have equipment, can’t afford it, or a gym membership, etc. Just use what you have right now, and get to it.

I like to train this way occasionally just to spark some new motivation or something.

One of my best buds and I in my hometown do weighted walking lunges up this big ass hill. It ends up being a little over 1/4 mile and we pass the weight back and forth. Since the gyms were closed on thanksgiving day we get up and start this workout just at the crack of dawn, end with a protein shake and some coffee…then head home to our families who are just getting out of bed :wink:


A pair of adjustable dumbells works well and loads better than pvc pipe or a backback. Pick some up to add to your stash.