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No gym from this damn Covid, now what?

So I’m in NYC, there’s no gyms open (I have an incredible regular gym here) and God knows how long this goes on for. Now I’m wondering what the hell to do. I ordered the 5-90 lbs adjustable dumbbells from Amazon, then of course after charging my credit card they stealthily cancel the order (which for them means no notification, just taking it out of my order history). All I have are bands.

I was thinking of just going on Rogue or EliteFTS or something and ordering the 90 lbs dummbells, 65 lbs, 40 lbs, etc. just so I can get some crap done. If I knew for a fact that this hysteria over some crap with a 0.2% fatality rate for people under 60 would be over in a week or two, I’d take this as a vacation. But given the fear mongering I can imagine the idiot government keeping this up for months.

If this does indeed drag on for months, I’m not screwing over the progress I’ve busted my ass for. Wondering if anyone else has some suggestions.

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