No Gains with M1t

so i am finished the first two weeks of a 10/10/10/10 m1t cycle. i have a little bit of acne, soime agression, no back pain and crazy pumps in the gym strength has gone up and my appetite is not really supressed if anything its gone up so i am getting some sides. but the thing that confuses me is that i have made no weight gains. i usually go to the gym weighing somewhere between 190-195 usuall aroundf the 190 mark.

i guess everytime ive gone i havent been below the 195 mark but i havent gone above it thats forsure. i am wondering if i should up the dose to 15 mg a day for the last two weeks? i am taking in around 3800 calories a day. 200 grams of protein basically on the dot daily. usually around 150 grams of carbs. having 5 meals seperated by about three hours.

i get full but then hunger hits me hard about three hours later. i started a new workout plan yesterday to see if that will change it and i worked on biceps and chest. noticed my arms looked fuller. any opinions on iuf i should up the dose?


200 x 4 = 800kcals
150 x 4 = 600kcals

total = 1400kcals

That’s a deficit of 2400kcals there, which equates to about 270g of fat.

Whilst 270g of fat isn’t unreasonable at all, are you sure your figures are correct? I only ask because if you have miscalculated your calories, you may have your answer.

sorry i meant 450 g of carbs! also alot of fat (havent calculated) from different cream absed pasta sauces

Eat more to gain weight. I aim for 800 calories per meal, and eat at least 8 meals per day. So around 6400 calories per day. Sometimes I get in 10 meals a day, but the extra 2 meals are usually slightly smaller, so it is generally 6400-7000 calories…I am not suggesting you add that much, that fast, but you are not seeing gains at 3800 calories, so bump it up to 4000, or a little higher for awhile and see how that does. If there still isn’t any gains, then keep eating more.

Highly androgenic short acting compound.

Most gains will be small, and mostly what is gained will be strength, much of which will fade when coming off.

But there should be some fat burning effects and you should gain some weight.

Simple water weight fluctuations and fat loss could account for why your not seeing your couple pounds of muscle you gained, go by mirror not scale.

Or you could have just F-ed up, and gained nothing.

Not gaining weight = still not eatting enough