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No Gains on Test E, Bloodwork Attached

Hey Guys, this forum has been a huge help for me since past one year. Thank you all who are active here. I tried to find topics similar to mine but couldn’t so I’m creating one myself.

I hopped on to test E only at 290mg/week after 4 years of working out. Saw no change after 5 weeks so I increased the dose to 350mg/week and 5 weeks later still no visible change. I thought my gear was bunk so I had a blood test and the test clearly shows that I have elevated test levels.

What do you think is wrong here? Why do I have so much free test? Any advice to start seeing changes within myself?

I’m training hard 5 days a week and on a 2000 calorie diet as I want to cut down while keeping muscle. I’m 5’9 and 72kg and around 18% bf.

Thanks again!

I mean no disrespect here, but you really shouldn’t be running a cycle at these stats. Your first cycle is best used for a bulk, while cutting is typically done after PCT or on cruise. You’re eating 2000 calories a day, what are you expecting to happen? If you want to see some muscle, start eating.


No, the gear is never the issue. The solution will never be more gear. Even if you were to run 150g of tren every day.

The issue is somewhere else: training intensity, nutrition, sleep habits etc

Also no disrespect but

Which muscle? When I started lifting I was 6’1 and precisely 72 kgs and around 14% BF : I was a stick.


You didn’t make any gains because you ate like someone who didn’t want to make any gains.


But brother, what about the hundreds of people cutting on cycle? I want the same too. But I didn’t lose nor gain weight on this cycle. And believe me my training is good and diet is 70% protein.

Well this is really not good. That’s 350 gr of protein. This is more than twice the amount you should be eating. I eat around 200gr of protein and I’m 84 kgs. What’s your training like…

This is flat out insane.

And look, I’m trying to be delicate here, so don’t take this the wrong way. But if 70% of your calories are from protein then you’re not understanding the basics of how a diet work. Lay out exactly what you eat on the average day. Be as detailed as possible. Because the answer is in there, not in your gear. Even guys who don’t train well have some body composition changes using testosterone. So it’s going to be 100% diet related. Let’s figure out what’s going on.

I know this isn’t part of your question but you have been on gear for 10 weeks now. What’s your plan to come off? You don’t wanna end a bad experience with another one.

Yes you have elevated test and yes its real as you are shut down (fsh/lh ~0). How old are you? You’re 5’9" and <160lbs with 18% BF which I am going to assume is accurate despite it typically not being. Its super important you have your PCT properly planned as @s.gentz said. You laid this out all wrong so chalk it up to a loss at this point and try to get back your normal HPTA.

Breakfast- 6 eggs & 4 toast
Lunch - 300grams chicken breast & 1 cup rice
Dinner - 300 grams breast & 1 cup rice
Snack - 2 scoops whey

I exaggerated with the percentage sorry, it’s around 50%

I was gonna have my last pin at 12 weeks. Should I just end it? Or should I just change up my diet and workout routine and continue till week 16?

I’m a fan of your replies big guy!

For pct I was going to do just Nolva for 4 weeks 40,40,20,20

Should I end my cycle or just change up my diet and workout and see what changes I can make till week 16?

That’s your call but the longer your on the harder it will be to recover. It would seem a bit more research and planning should have went into this.

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I feel like your mother right now, but dude, eat some damn vegetables. Also, chicken is very lean. Your body needs some fats in there. The eggs are a great source of fat, but you should be eating beef and pork as well. Add in an avocado every day (if you can afford it; I know they’re stupid expensive these days). Add some tuna twice a week. Eat a few handfuls of nuts once a day. Mix it up.

And seriously, eat vegetables. The micronutrients you miss out on are important. Broccoli, green beans, asparagus, Hell anything green, eat it.

You can completely eliminate the whey with what you have laid out. You’re getting enough protein from the chicken and the eggs. Now if you’re not going to replace those calories with something else then sure, go ahead and use it. But by this point on cycle your appetite should be demanding you eat more for a snack than just a shake. If you’re not hungrier then you’re not working hard enough at the gym. That’s not a knock on your training, it’s just the reality of how our bodies work.


Thats fine or Nolva 20mg/ed for 6 weeks. Pick your poison. Wait 3 weeks from last pin instead of the typical 2. If you have some HCG through it in there either now or from your l last pin to start of your SERM. 300-500iu EOD.

I wish. I’m big for a little guy!

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Wow! I appreciate your reply my friend! I really do!

I’ve decided to end my cycle and start my pct 3 weeks after my last pin. Do you recommend the same? To end my cycle and try again later with more knowledge? I’m already 10 weeks in so I could end it now or drag it to 16 weeks. What’s your advice?

Don’t have hcg will stick with Nolva haha. Just one more question … why 3 weeks since last pin? Always read 2 is enough to start pct.

Yeah I’d do that. You can only blast so much before some issue occurs. So you better be taking the most of your cycles!

Your diet seems like the most boring, bland shit ever. You don’t have to be hardcore with chicken rice and broccoli and suffer! Here’s my breakfast for today:

Here’s my third meal…

And I’m leaning down and natty… Listen to what @iron_yuppie said trust me nutrition is important you are lacking too many things


Thank you brother. I’ll be prepared for next time.

Jesus, that looks good…is that salmon?

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